A Letter To My Best Friend
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A Letter To My Best Friend

we've been threre for each other throughout middle and high school and now we are off to college

A Letter To My Best Friend

To My Best Friend,

We've known each other for six years now. We met each other in Mr.Brown's 6th-grade science class. We used to play with the duct tape roses on the pens and we would obnoxiously fill them with Justin Bieber's latest lotion and perfume. We used to pay $7 to go to the Skating Rink every Friday night, even though we would never actually skate. Even though we constantly get on each others nerves and have to bite our tongues quite often, I love having you as a best friend, and I never want our friendship to end.

Throughout the six years of us knowing each other we have acquired a lot of memories. Some of the memories are: starting our senior year of high school together, going to the beach over spring break in 2017, helping each other out in classes, applying to the same college and us both getting accepted, and going to freshmen orientation together.

We have done quite a lot together, whether that be intentional or accidental. We graduated high school a year early (even though it was your actual graduating class), taken online classes over the summer to get ahead, attending the same university, and us both wanting to be in the medical field (you as a surgeon and me as a doctor).

As we head off to college in a few weeks I just want to say I wish you the best. Even though we are going to attend the same college, we have different majors and different dorms. Although that doesn't mean we won't still be best friends, it's nerve wrecking. Both of us will have our heads in the books. Our classes are going to be rigorous and it will definitely keep us on our toes.

I just want you to know that, even though we may fall apart throughout college, I will always be here. Throughout this upcoming school year, we will just be a walk away from each other so we can hang out anytime. Although I know we may not be able to hang out or speak all the time because of our schedules and when we do hangout we can have the time of our lives.

We can adventure the town of Greenwood and the surrounding towns. I love you 'other half' best friend.

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