I Got To See My Best Friends After A Year

A lot of people I talk to think it's amazing that I have two best friends who live in Europe. They usually have a ton of questions about how we became friends, what it's like to live in Italy or France, and if French people do actually eat baguettes with every meal (the answer is yes, of course). After every conversation, most people will say something to the tune of, "Wow, I wish my best friend lived in Italy or France." In response, I usually chuckle and say, "Hell yeah." However, sometimes I don't think people realize how hard it is to have two of your closest friends live halfway across the world.

We all three met my senior year of High School when they were exchange students at my school. I first met Giada, who's from Italy, because I was friends with the girl who's family she was staying with. My friend had asked me to befriend Giada because she was a bit shy and I had hit it off quickly with the exchange students the year prior. So, I decided to walk Giada to her classes (she says I followed her around but I'm not a stalker so). We eventually started to realize how much we had in common and became inseparable. Thea, my friend from France, I met through Giada. They were in the same photography class and bonded over the fact they were both exchange students. As soon as all three of us hung out it felt like fate. All three of us hung out almost every day and when they left I felt like the world was ending. Eventually, I realized that the world wasn't ending and that I could still call them whenever I want.

This past year has probably been the hardest year of my life, with the change that came with moving away to college and losing a very important person to me, it was also extremely hard to be away from my two best friends. We still called and talked to each other for hours almost every week, but just talking is a lot different than being able to sit in a car, jamming out to Ed Sheeran songs and forgetting all of the world's problems for a little bit. I can remember sitting up in my bed the night after my grandfather died wishing more than anything to be able to go to Italy or France and just take a break from life for a bit.

This summer both of my friends decided to come to visit their old friends in America, including me, of course. Thea even surprised me by coming back a few days early, which was probably the best surprise I've ever had. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical about all three of us being back together again. We've been apart for a year and a lot has happened in that year. However, being back together has just reaffirmed that I've picked two amazing individuals to be my best friends. It's almost like they never left and I'm so grateful for that and their friendship. It's also fun to give Thea crap that the USWNT beat France in the World Cup.

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