"Bachelor in Paradise" is arguably the best reality TV show to be created. Sure, we've only been blessed with this show because of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" but those don't compare to the comedy that BIP offers. You can easily miss a season or two of "The Bachelor" but still equally enjoy BIP. It's fun to watch the members on the show become best friends or couples, and it's really fun to see the fights and breakups ( as terrible as that may be).

This season is no less satisfying than the last. From the couples getting together, to newbies joining the cast, to love triangles and the bartending, this season is giving us a full on show. By now, most people have formed their opinions on each contestant and have some favorites and not so favorites.

Here is my top to 5 favorites and top 5 least favorites from this season.

1. Tia 


Tia is one of the best cast members on this season. She deserves the best and I'm really hoping she gets engaged at the end of the show.

2. Astrid 


I wasn't a big fan of Astrid during Nick's season of "The Bachelor." However, watching her in Paradise, she's one of the least controversial people on the show.

3. Kendall 


The whole taxidermy thing is still weird to me but Kendall is one of the nicest people on the show. She's not afraid to be awkward and weird which makes her a genuine person.

4. Colton 


Colton is definitely a questionable contestant during this season but for some reason, I am definitely rooting for him and Tia to be together.

5. Kevin 


He's a hot Canadian and a firefighter. What's not to love about him!

6. Chris 


Chris lost my vote when he was rude and disrespectful to Tia and Krystal. Not the biggest fan, but hopefully he makes a comeback during this season.

7. Jordan 


Unpopular opinion: He's not attractive and he's too into himself for me to like.

8. Krystal 


Although Krystal seem like a genuine person, I can't get past the way she talks. However, I do hope she finds someone on this season!

9. David 


David's issues with Jordan are just too much for me so I automatically don't like him.

10. Jacqueline 


Jacquline is gorgeous but as of right now in the season, she seem irrelevant to me