Like most kids during their childhood, I grew up having a video game console to keep me busy. Actually, I was lucky enough to have not just one, but three. The Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2 and Wii were the cure to all of my boredom.

Over the years, my sister and I accumulated an abundance of different genres of games. After trying them all out, I started favoring some over the others. I definitely didn't own ALL of the best games, but here are some of my all-time favorites.

1. Guitar Hero

This game is among the best of the best. Life was not the same after that one Christmas morning.

I would play this game for so long that whenever I finally looked away from the screen, the walls looked like they were moving. I still break this out with my friends once in a while and I definitely owe my great taste in rock music to this game.

2. Rock Band

This was basically guitar hero on steroids. It was always a fight to the death over who got to play the drums.

If you were playing lead or bass guitar then you had to make sure you were looking at the correct side of the screen or else you would ruin everything. Oh, and nobody ever wanted to sing.

3. Jak and Daxter

This game was so addicting.

My sister and I would play this for hours on end trying to beat each level. If you played this game then you definitely couldn't resist driving the hover cars and crashing them into everything in your way at least once.

4. Crash Bandicoot

If you didn't play this game growing up, did you even play video games?


Growing up a soccer player, FIFA was an all time favorite. This was also the beginning of many, many arguments.

6. Mario Kart

Mario Kart separated the boys from the men. This one really brings out my competitive nature. You don't know true anxiety until you race at rainbow road.

7. Super Mario Brothers

The original will always be a favorite, but the new version is just too good. This is yet another insanely addictive game.

Every time my cousins came over we would play this. There was always one person who would sprint ahead of the others and make everyone else die from falling off the screen.

Sometimes I would just put myself in the bubble and let everyone else do all the work.

8. Super Smash Bros

I started out playing this game on the OG Nintendo 64. Looking back at those graphics and seeing how much they've changed since the Wii came out is pretty comical. Kirby was always my go-to character.

9. Mario Party

OK, I know this list is mostly Mario games but they're just too good.

10. Lego Star Wars


11. DDR

I don't exercise regularly but this gets me going. Whoever thought of this game is a true genius. Dream A Dream was my song.

12. Sly Cooper

Last but certainly not least is my man Sly. I almost forgot about this one for a hot second. This was definitely a PlayStation favorite.