How to know he's the one, tinder version
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5 Ways You'll Know He's 'The One' From His Tinder Profile

Thanks to our generation we can now date at the snap of our fingers! Tinder is just one of the many dating apps that we are so lucky to have. Here are some ways to know he is definitely the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with.

5 Ways You'll Know He's 'The One' From His Tinder Profile
Sarah Richman

These are just some of the MAJOR things to keep an eye out for when scrolling for your one and only. Remember extra points if they, 1. Have more than one picture of their pet 2. Have every photo with a child 3. Message you a pickup line 4. Is chugging a beer or 5. If all of his photos are professionally taken solo shots

Anyway, remember looks are the most important thing and thanks to Tinder we get to see all the babes in our area, get swiping!

If he has more than one shirtless mirror pic at the gym

The perfect catch, don't worry he's not cocky - he's confident. Give him a point for every ab!

If you can't figure out which guy he is

Girls, I think we can all agree on the fact that flipping back and forth between pictures to figure out which guy we are seeing is definitely not time wasted! Honestly the more people you can fit into the picture the better! 0 points for this, we can't give you points if we don't know who you are.

If he is holding any sort of dead animal

Glad to know he can put dinner on the table, give him 2 points for that!

If he has a censored photo of a girl with the caption "this could be you" 

If his profile consists of something covering a girl he obviously has a big empty space in his heart that he wants you to fill, and you know he's ready and mature enough to handle a real relationship! 10 points for originality!

If he messages you again after you haven't answered

Persistence is key and commitment is sexy!! Definitely worth a solid 3 points.

We love TINDER!

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