Going home for break is easily one of the best things in a college student's life. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Seeing your family

The unconditional love, the constant teasing, the dad-jokes, the sisterly advice...nothing holds a candle to it.

2. Seeing your high school/childhood friends

They were with you during your awkward stages and they miss you very much. Have fun going to all your old spots and reminiscing about old times with those who have always had your back.

3. Seeing your pets!!! 

This is hands down the BEST thing about going home for break. Don't be surprised if you end up snuggling with your dog for the majority of break and forget to see any actual humans.

4. Showering without shower shoes

Showering at home after a few months of showering in flip flops, trying your hardest not not touch anything with fear of contracting a gross foot fungus, is truly the most cleansing of experiences. There's nothing like a nice, clean, and relaxing shower at home.

5. Sleeping in your own bed

Lots of pillows? Check. Soft, cushy mattress? Check. Actually big enough for a normal sized human? Check.

6. Getting to drive

Driving is such an underrated therapeutic activity. There's nothing quite like the feeling of driving through your hometown streets and blasting your favorite songs.

7. Eating at your favorite restaurants

YUM. Need I say more?

8. Not having to pay for/do your own laundry

No quarters? No problem!

9. Home-cooked meals

Let's be real -- dining hall food can really suck. Nothing can compare to the comforting warm deliciousness of a home cooked meal made my mom or dad.

10. Food whenever and wherever! 

Find yourself having cravings at 1 am? No problem. Just head down to the kitchen. Easy as that.