Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals in Indio, California that many who can afford it or those who get paid to go look forward to. Many look forward to dressing up for Coachella because there is no set way to dress and many of the outfits that you see are really amazing. The lineup always has a lot of different artists each year. It is flooded with an endless amount of influencers and celebrities walking around, listening to music, or simply just taking pictures to post on their social media. Tickets are a little expensive ranging from $400 and up not including having to find a place to stay and getting out to the festival. The tickets also sell out within a day which makes it even harder to attend the festival. There is a split between people who love Coachella and those who think it's dumb since most people don't even go to listen to the bands. This year there were a few things from Weekend One that happened that make those who like Coachella a little jealous that they weren't there to see it.

1. Billie Eilish finally met Justin Bieber.

Billie Eilish, a singer, and songwriter, best known for her single "Ocean Eyes" has been a fan of Justin Bieber, like many others, since before she was even famous. There have been times where she's admitted to DM'ing him and saying she only wanted to be famous to meet him. Billie Eilish was recently on Ellen where she talked more about how she loves Justin Bieber and is dying to meet him. Leading up to Coachella, Justin Bieber had replied to the video of Billie on Ellen on Twitter and then proceeded to comment on her picture to check her DM's. After her amazing performance at Coachella Justin Bieber posted on his Instagram about how great her performance was. Later, they were both at the Ariana Grande set when fans captured the cute moment of the two finally meeting and hugging. Fans of Billie Eilish have been wanting these two to meet and even collaborate on a song so many were very excited to see it finally happen at such a large public event.

2. Ariana Grande brought out NSYNC for her performance.

Ariana Grande headlined and performed at Coachella this year, which many were looking forward to and to make it even better she reunited and brought out NSYNC, except for Justin Timberlake, to join her in singing "Tearin Up My Heart". No one at Coachella really knew this was going to happen so it seemed like it made it even better. Grande gushed about the guys on her Instagram with many pictures claiming that they are the nicest and coolest people and she wouldn't want it any other way.

3. Kacey Musgraves' played a game of Simon Says.

Kacey Musgraves, a country-pop singer, who is best known for her songs "Golden Hour" and "Rainbow" on her Grammy-winning album performed at Coachella this year and looked stunning while doing so. Kacey Musgraves took off her heels and was running across the stage with such high energy and decided to up the energy even more with the California crowd. In a video that has gone viral all over Twitter, she tells the crowd when I say "Yee", you say "Haw" and does this a few times. She then repeats herself again and like Simon Says she just points the microphone towards the crowd without saying "Yee" and they all scream "Haw" and she replies that she didn't say "f*ckin "Yee". The video has been spread everywhere and even caused more of Musgraves' tweets to go viral because of how random and funny they are.

4. Billie Eilish blows the crowd away with her performance.

Billie Eillish arrived thirty minutes late on stage because of serious technical issues but fans were determined to wait it out and it seemed like it was definitely worth it. All of the videos of her performance prove it so. Billie Eilish only released her new album a few weeks ago and fans already knew every single word. As she sang they were singing right along with her. Billie Eilish wasn't even considered a headliner in comparison to Ariana Grande but it definitely seemed like she was because of how many people were watching her perform, including many celebrities. She even stood on a bed that was hanging in the air while singing one of her songs onstage.

5. Childish Gambino airdropped free shoes to people.

Random people at Coachella were surprised with a random Airdrop request at Coachella Day One from a person named Donald Glover, who is the actor and singer also known as Childish Gambino. Many seemed skeptical at first of this but those that decided to accept this random airdrop were rewarded with a pair of free shoes. The shoes are from Childish Gambino's collaboration with Adidas. To get the shoes you just had to go to a certain tent at Coachella within 60 minutes and show the airdrop confirmation.