Anybody who goes to Spit on any regular or irregular basis has asked themselves, what is the best way to get into this amazing establishment? Well, lucky for you all, I did the research so you don't have to guess anymore.

#2. The Good Council side

Easily the second best entrance, the GC side is always a classic. If you live in the hotel that is Good Council hall, then the proximity is clearly the main selling point. However, there is no realistic argument that it is a higher quality entrance. This will all be clear in my explanation for the #1 best entrance into Spit.

Drum role please *Drum Roll Begins*

*Hold For Suspense*

#1. The Caughlin side!

Again, for the folks in McGuire, Caughlin, St. Monica's, or Katherine, there is hardly a reason for you to even read this. However, you Stanford people have a decision to make as you are pretty equidistant to both entrances depending what wing you live in. Let me tell you the one factor that gives this entrance the leg up over the almost-as-good GC entrance.

The second door you have to open after the primary door is ALMOST always propped open on the Caughlin side entrance, meaning you typically only have to open ONE door. The GC side entrance almost NEVER has this second door propped, meaning you need to exert double the effort to get to that delicious all-you-care-to-eat meal.

Regardless of what entrances you choose, the experience will be almost identical. Is it worth it for GC residents to walk all the way to the other entrance just because it's clearly better? That's for them to decide.