Let's establish this right now: I believe that the "Shrek" and "Shrek 2" soundtracks are the best. The songs are bangers — you have everything from pop to rock. In one of my favorite songs, it has various musical elements that make it such a banger. I could go on forever about the soundtracks from these two movies.

I would rank the songs, but I'd rather share my favorite songs from the soundtracks. Back in my good ole' high school days when I was in band — yes, I was actually in the band — my friend and I would sit there discussing the soundtrack whenever someone would bring up the smallest trigger that reminded us of "Shrek."

Also, I did see all the "Shrek" movies, and the movies after the first two are decent and so are the soundtracks, but the first two "Shrek" movies are basically the ones that matter to me.

1. "I Need A Hero" 

Sung by Bonnie Tyler, "I Need A Hero" is my ultimate favorite song from both soundtracks. Fairy Godmother's outfit? She's slaying it. The song? A banger. It has rock elements, pop elements, piano, funky beat, an Orchestra/Band in the background, like what more could you ask for in such a song?

2. "Bad Reputation"

Performed by Halfcocked for the Shrek movie, "Bad Reputation" plays when Shrek and Donkey go to take on Lord Farquaad's people or wrestlers (whatever they are supposed to be). It's a good old rock song originally performed by Joan Jett. The song really does set the mood for the scene.

3. "Funkytown"

This is the only song I ever want to be played when entering a hyped-up, cities like Los Angeles or New York City. What better way to make an entrance than to this groovy song with a funky beat? Also, I remember when I used to play Dance Dance Revolution back in the day — this was my song.

4. "Livin La Vida Loca"

Ricky Martin's one-hit wonder song is a jam. Naturally, it deserves a spot on this list. How can you not love it when Donkey and Puss in Boots break out into this song in the end?

5. "I'm on My Way"

This is the perfect song in Shrek to be played while making his little adventure to save Princess Fiona. Talk about a road trip jam that basically sums up what you're doing. Maybe I should play this song whenever I have to drive back to school so more exciting things happen to me.

6. "I'm A Believer"

This is the superior Smash Mouth song in my opinion. Donkey starting it while one of the seven dwarves (I think) playing the organ and the three blind mice singing — what more could you ask for in such a song?

7. "Hallelujah"

This song and the scene: a tear jerker. Wow, Shrek really hits all the emotions.

8. "Changes"

Okay, this entire scene is so good! Shrek was willing to change himself to satisfy Fiona's father (WOW WHAT A GUY). But, the most heartbreaking part is the Fairy Godmother being her wicked self and having her son pretend to be Shrek. Rude!

Also, how did Fiona not realize Prince Charming was not Shrek? I mean, come on, his voice was completely different while Fiona's voice stayed the change when she transformed back to human.

9. "All Star"

Whenever I hear this song outside of Shrek, I AM TRIGGERED.

10.  "People Ain't No Good"

THIS SCENE...JUST HEARTBREAKING! Like, might as well rip my heart out. Shrek had to watch his wife be forced into thinking Prince Charming is him. All thanks to the Fairy Godmother! TBH, how dare the producers do this to us?

11.  "I Need Some Sleep"

This scene basically represents what I do during the night when I can't sleep — I just walk around.

Let's be real, "Shrek" and "Shrek 2" were a rollercoaster of emotions. The producers of "Shrek" did not have to go that hard, but they did! I appreciate them so much. Love those people as if I know them like that.