Maybe it's just where I go to school, but everyone is pretty similar on the surface.

There's a certain predictability of outfits, and shoes are definitely not excluded.

1. Uggs

Being ugly-chic, these comfy shoes are a winter staple.

2. Adidas Superstar

I can't tell if I like these or really hate these, but they're definitely trendy.

3. Vans

Okay, so Vans are cool, but everyone has the same two pairs and it's overwhelming.

4. Sperry's

"Preppy casual" or "My dad might own a boat."

5. LL Bean Mocassins

Comfy, true. But are these practical?

6. Chelsea boots

There are so many colors and textures that it's borderline overwhelming, but they're definitely trendy.

7. High top Converse

THE college girl staple.

8. Timberlands

Deadass boo.

9. Thigh high boots

Can someone explain the combination with the long sweatshirts?

10. Bean Boots

Another winter staple.

11. Running sneakers

Are you going to the gym or did you just wing your outfit this morning? Nobody will ever know!

12. Hunter rain boots


13. Riding boots

Are these still in style? They are surprisingly comfortable.

14. Doc Martens

They look so comfy, but they are pretty weather resistant.

15. Crocs

When will this trend die?