10 Restaurants In Bellingham, WA, For Your Next Meal Out

10 Restaurants In Bellingham, WA, That'll Have Your Money Wanting To Be Spent

Need a delicious Sunday breakfast or a date night restaurant? I've got you covered.


1. D'Anna's Cafe Italiano.

Need a fancy restaurant for you and your significant other? Or just want a place to spend your hard earned money after a long week? Well, D'Anna's is the place to go. With large portion sizes and intense flavors you will not regret the money spent here. Their pasta is homemade and is always very fresh.

*PSA: the portions are large so make sure you are hungry*

2. Colophon Cafe.

The Colophon Cafe is a hidden little lunch and dinner cafe right next to the Fairhaven Bookstore. They have one of the best black bean burgers I've ever had. The prices are on the high-end however and their service and quality of food is impeccable. With every entree, you can choose a side of potato wedges, soup, or salad.

Their potato wedges are absolutely mouthwatering.

3. Fairhaven Pizza.

If Colophon Cafe isn't your forté, then Fairhaven Pizza might be a better option. This restaurant is covered with photos of skiers, mountain bikers, and mountains. The ora is calm and relaxed and the pizza is delicious. Price wise it is reasonable and affordable for the portion of food you receive.

4. Old Town Cafe.

Breakfast doesn't get much better than at Old Town Cafe. The atmosphere in Old Town, combined with their food, creates the perfect Sunday morning treat. Instead of just offering hashbrowns, Old Town offers black beans as a substitute. In addition, they offer an inexpensive side of avocado with any meal, which is always a necessity. They partner with small local or regional stores to create a unique and appetizing menu. Some of these businesses are Great Harvest Bread Company, La Mexicana Tortillas, Wild Pacific Seafoods, and Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy.

5. The Birch Door Cafe.

The Birch Door Cafe is a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing breakfast and lunch restaurant. There are always crowds of people waiting to get seated because the food is so delicious. They're best known for their unique pancakes including bacon pancakes, apple pancakes, and strawberry granola pancakes. However, pancakes are not all that The Birch Door Cafe has to offer. They serve homemade jam with toast, freshly grilled potato hash browns, and a wide variety of eggs benedict such as country style, California style, classic style, and many more.

For college students, going out to eat can be nearly impossible, due to a shortage of money. The following restaurants give the most bang for their buck.

6. Tadeo's.

Tadeo's is a small "hole in the wall" Mexican restaurant that has great service and delicious authentic Mexican food. They serve free chips and homemade salsa with your meal. I would have to say their enchiladas are one of their best entrees. Also, they have many vegetarian options such as a potato burrito, a veggie burrito, and a spinach burrito.

7. AB crepes.

Every WWU student should know about AB crepes. They have a wide variety of crepes from sweet to savory. I would recommend the garlic chicken pesto or the razz dream. The nice thing about AB crepes is that they are open until 2 am! If you're in need of a late night snack, if you know what I mean, they're open. You can smell the crepes from blocks away.

8. Boomer's Drive-In.

Just like Sonic or Burgermaster, Boomer's is a drive-up burger joint. If you're feeling lazy one day you can go to Boomer's, park your car, and wait for the food to come to you. You can even order online! If you can't decide what to get, on Boomer's website it states, "Two staples on the menu are Boomer's Burgers and Boomer's Milkshakes. Voted the best Bellingham Burgers time and time again"

9. Burrito King.

As the name states, this restaurant is the king of all burritos. Burrito King can be found on campus or off campus on 32nd St. They have inexpensive options that college students love. Burritos are $5.99 and three tacos are only $5!

10. Soy House.

Soy house is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that offers pho, vermicelli, Banh Mi sandwiches, pizza, and many other dishes. Pizza? Yes, pizza. Soy house also serves pizza in addition to their authentic Vietnamese dishes. If your friends, kids, or significant other says they don't want Vietnamese food, well, they offer pizza as well. Soy house is very affordable for the "starving college student" and they have a wide selection of beer and wine.

Not pictured: Boomer's Drive-In, Burrito King, Soy House, The Birch Door Cafe, and Tadeo's.

Cover Image Credit:

Wikimedia Commons

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The Unspoken Dangers of 'Mukbang' Culture

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years, you've probably heard of the internet trend commonly referred to as a mukbang, or "eating show." These self-produced video clips typically involve one hungry individual, their filming device, and an obscene amount of delicious foods.

Though these broadcasts originated all the way from South Korea (hence the foreign vocabulary), the growing popularity of eating videos has taken the internet by storm. Nowadays as you scroll through YouTube, you'll find an outrageous amount of uploads with titles like "10,000 CALORIE PASTA MUKBANG," "EATING EVERYTHING ON THE MCDONALD'S MENU," or "THE ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE."

Popular 'mukbangers' such as Peggie Neo, Megan McCullom, and Steven Sushi have made a sizable profit off of their viral eating shows, some collecting tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

So, what's the big deal you say? You order a large quantity of food, indulge in said food, film yourself completing this menial task, and upload to the internet for money and fame. On the outside, this may seem like a luxurious lifestyle, but behind the camera lens sits an individual battling their own demons and influencing the world of social media to partake in their harmful behaviors.

Mukbanger Livia Adams ("Alwayshungry" on YouTube) has opened up about her unhealthy relationship with food in the past, praising herself for fasting several hours in order to justify her over-indulgence on camera.

Similarly, internet sensation Trisha Paytas claims to diet and starve herself for weeks just to be able to satisfy her subscribers with epic mukbangs, which are essentially binges.

In all actuality, these social media celebrities are negatively impacting (and possibly triggering) vulnerable viewers.

Many fans only see the highlight reel of YouTubers shoveling bowls of cereal or boxes of doughnuts into their mouths, yet remain completely unaware of what truly goes on behind-the-scenes. Messages saying:

"I'm on a diet... watching this is giving me some sort of satisfaction, like as tho I ate, you know?"
"I watch these videos because I know I physically can't afford to eat like this because I gain weight too easily."
"When having an eating disorder, watching Trisha's mukbangs is sorta comforting in a way omg"

flood the comments sections of Paytas' videos. Quite obviously, fans young and old are heavily influenced by this content and continue to support these creators to fulfill a self-destructive need.

Additionally, famous mukbang accounts never seem to include the painful after-effects of their ginormous feasts in videos. Fitness model Stephanie Buttermore flaunts her slim physique just days after consuming over 10,000 calories for a challenge, giving the impression that her previous overindulgence had no repercussions on her health whatsoever. Because Buttermore is a trained, athletic young woman, she was able to quickly bounce back after a series of workouts and low-calorie meals.

On the contrary, if a sedentary woman of about the same age were to attempt this challenge, she would most likely feel sluggish, irritable, bloated, stomach discomfort, and even vomitous post challenge. Eating regularly like this could lead to bigger issues such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer. Unfortunately, because topics like these aren't glamorous and attractive to subscribers, mukbangers often edit them out.

Now don't get me wrong. Though not everyone who uploads a mukbang to the internet has an eating disorder or an evil agenda, they have to realize the kind of audience they're appealing to. This generation is more susceptible than ever to emulate the actions and words of their favorite celebrities. Young boys and girls look up to successful adults, and influencers should be remembered for the change they inspired, not the disease they encouraged.

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ANMLY Cafe Is Bellingham, WA's New Starbucks But Better

Looking for a sustainable cafe for your next brunch? Check out ANMLY Cafe in downtown Bellingham!


Bellingham, WA is the place to go for window shopping and waterfront views. The downtown area is not lacking in cute shops and local businesses, but one of its latest additions is my favorite by far!

It's called ANMLY Cafe — a play on the word anomaly, or "something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected." The name is fitting, as I've never seen a cafe quite like it! The founders have made strides towards being a zero-waste business. They've ditched single-use items, selling to-go drinks in reusable glass jars, take-out orders in reusable boxes, and even offering real pieces of straw for straws! The cafe is also part of a food recovery program, which reduces food waste and distributes food to people in need.

And now for the reviews! The storefront is well decorated and totally photo-worthy, so it's the perfect place to capture that #foodselfie for your Instagram story. (Just don't forget to tag @anmlycafe!) The space is small, but you can't deny that it's a homey, inviting space for brunch. The menu isn't extensive, but it's totally unique and chock-full of delicious, global foods and beverages.

The food comes out quickly, looking just like a dish at a five-star restaurant. And it tastes amazing! There are plenty of options for bowls and burritos, and lots of add-ons to make the experience a personal one. Plus, the menu changes and evolves frequently, so there's a solid excuse for a weekly visit! ANMLY has great coffee, cold drinks, teas, and smoothies to grab and go, and the best part is that they're served in adorable reusable jars.

"I think that our approach to business and our approach to food and our approach to sustainability are different from what other people are doing," says the owner, Emile Diffley, in the ANMLY Vimeo. And it's true! The genuine concern for environmental practices and the modern, welcoming atmosphere places this cafe above the rest. You can't find a healthy meal in a sustainable cafe just anywhere, but Bellingham is lucky to have its own! Visit ANMLY or seek out businesses practicing sustainability in your area. Chances are they'll become your new favorite spots!

ANMLY is open Tuesday through Friday from 8-3 and Saturday from 9-2. For more information, check out the website.

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