10 Restaurants In Bellingham, WA, That'll Have Your Money Wanting To Be Spent

10 Restaurants In Bellingham, WA, That'll Have Your Money Wanting To Be Spent

Need a delicious Sunday breakfast or a date night restaurant? I've got you covered.


1. D'Anna's Cafe Italiano.

Need a fancy restaurant for you and your significant other? Or just want a place to spend your hard earned money after a long week? Well, D'Anna's is the place to go. With large portion sizes and intense flavors you will not regret the money spent here. Their pasta is homemade and is always very fresh.

*PSA: the portions are large so make sure you are hungry*

2. Colophon Cafe.

The Colophon Cafe is a hidden little lunch and dinner cafe right next to the Fairhaven Bookstore. They have one of the best black bean burgers I've ever had. The prices are on the high-end however and their service and quality of food is impeccable. With every entree, you can choose a side of potato wedges, soup, or salad.

Their potato wedges are absolutely mouthwatering.

3. Fairhaven Pizza.

If Colophon Cafe isn't your forté, then Fairhaven Pizza might be a better option. This restaurant is covered with photos of skiers, mountain bikers, and mountains. The ora is calm and relaxed and the pizza is delicious. Price wise it is reasonable and affordable for the portion of food you receive.

4. Old Town Cafe.

Breakfast doesn't get much better than at Old Town Cafe. The atmosphere in Old Town, combined with their food, creates the perfect Sunday morning treat. Instead of just offering hashbrowns, Old Town offers black beans as a substitute. In addition, they offer an inexpensive side of avocado with any meal, which is always a necessity. They partner with small local or regional stores to create a unique and appetizing menu. Some of these businesses are Great Harvest Bread Company, La Mexicana Tortillas, Wild Pacific Seafoods, and Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy.

5. The Birch Door Cafe.

The Birch Door Cafe is a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing breakfast and lunch restaurant. There are always crowds of people waiting to get seated because the food is so delicious. They're best known for their unique pancakes including bacon pancakes, apple pancakes, and strawberry granola pancakes. However, pancakes are not all that The Birch Door Cafe has to offer. They serve homemade jam with toast, freshly grilled potato hash browns, and a wide variety of eggs benedict such as country style, California style, classic style, and many more.

For college students, going out to eat can be nearly impossible, due to a shortage of money. The following restaurants give the most bang for their buck.

6. Tadeo's.

Tadeo's is a small "hole in the wall" Mexican restaurant that has great service and delicious authentic Mexican food. They serve free chips and homemade salsa with your meal. I would have to say their enchiladas are one of their best entrees. Also, they have many vegetarian options such as a potato burrito, a veggie burrito, and a spinach burrito.

7. AB crepes.

Every WWU student should know about AB crepes. They have a wide variety of crepes from sweet to savory. I would recommend the garlic chicken pesto or the razz dream. The nice thing about AB crepes is that they are open until 2 am! If you're in need of a late night snack, if you know what I mean, they're open. You can smell the crepes from blocks away.

8. Boomer's Drive-In.

Just like Sonic or Burgermaster, Boomer's is a drive-up burger joint. If you're feeling lazy one day you can go to Boomer's, park your car, and wait for the food to come to you. You can even order online! If you can't decide what to get, on Boomer's website it states, "Two staples on the menu are Boomer's Burgers and Boomer's Milkshakes. Voted the best Bellingham Burgers time and time again"

9. Burrito King.

As the name states, this restaurant is the king of all burritos. Burrito King can be found on campus or off campus on 32nd St. They have inexpensive options that college students love. Burritos are $5.99 and three tacos are only $5!

10. Soy House.

Soy house is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that offers pho, vermicelli, Banh Mi sandwiches, pizza, and many other dishes. Pizza? Yes, pizza. Soy house also serves pizza in addition to their authentic Vietnamese dishes. If your friends, kids, or significant other says they don't want Vietnamese food, well, they offer pizza as well. Soy house is very affordable for the "starving college student" and they have a wide selection of beer and wine.

Not pictured: Boomer's Drive-In, Burrito King, Soy House, The Birch Door Cafe, and Tadeo's.

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Wikimedia Commons

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15 Best Pizza Places In The Scranton Area

In no particular order because they're all just too good, they're impossible to rank.


Growing up in Scranton, PA, I'd like to consider myself a pizza connoisseur. Scranton and the surrounding areas are so spoiled when it comes to pizza... there are literally so many great places! I'm frequently asked for recommendations from out-of-town friends. I decided to compile a list of all of the best places, in my opinion. There are definitely more good ones not listed, but here we have the best of the best.

Once again, this list is IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

Vincenzo's Pizzaria

Most of the places in NEPA are square, but Vincenzo's is one of the best in the area for a classic round pizza! If you're feeling' New York style over Old Forge style, Vincenzo's is the move

Website: Vincenzo's

Facebook: Vincenzo's

Address: 131 N Main Ave, Scranton, PA 18504

Phone: (570) 347-1060

What I recommend: Round hot wing pizza or The Enzo or just classic plain

Maroni's Pizza

Maroni's is basically the epitome of square pizza for the people of West Scranton.

Website: Maroni's Pizza

Facebook: Maroni's Pizza

Address: 1345 St. Ann's St. Scranton, PA 18504

Phone: (570) 961-9531

What I recommend: Pepperoni square tray

Antonio's Pizza

My personal favorite round pizza in the area, Antonio's is way too under-hyped.

Facebook: Antonio's

Address: 930 Capouse Ave, Scranton, PA 18509

Phone: (570) 342-5584

What I recommend: Classic round plain

Arcaro's Pizza

The classic old-forge style pizza sitting upon Taylor hill! A favorite of many.

Facebook: Arcaro's

Address: 1306 S Main Ave, Scranton, PA 18504

Phone: (570) 961-6032

What I recommend: Square tray of plain

Alfredo's Cafe

Kevin Malone wan't lying when he said it is great pizza! Their double crusted white is amazing. (I mean, just look at that picture.)

Website: Alfredo's Cafe

Facebook: Alfredo's Cafe

Address: 1040 S Washington Ave. (South Side Shopping Center), Scranton, PA 18505

Phone: 570-969-1910

What I recommend: Double crusted white pizza or classic red square

Revello's Pizza

This place truly embodies "Old Forge Pizza." Also, it is a favorite place of Hillary Clinton! Although their classic old forge style is great, their double crusted white is to die for!

Website: Revello's

Facebook: Revello's

Address: 502 S Main St., Old Forge, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania 18518

Phone: (570) 457-9843

What I recommend: Double crusted white, broccoli white, or tray of red


When people talk about Nina's, they're probably talking about their wing bites, which are great, but did you know they have pizza too? (Spoiler alert: their pizza is also great!) I always order a slice on the side with my wing bites.

Website: Nina's

Facebook: Nina's

Address: 602 New York St., Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18509-2436

Phone: (570) 344-6069

What I recommend: The photo I included is of their round plain, but I personally love their square plain! Also, I recommend their double crusted hot wing pizza as well.


Many people don't know about Cangiano's because it is relatively new to its new location on the Scranton Carbondale Highway. It is a shame that this place isn't well-known because they have really great food and the inside of the restaurant is literally so cool. (I know this post is about pizza, and their pizza is so good, but I'm also obsessed with their hoagies!)

Website: Cangiano's

Facebook: Cangiano's

Address: 235 Scranton Carbondale Highway, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18508

Phone: (570) 507-7122

What I recommend: The white pizza because it has ricotta, or their margherita pizza

Dino and Francesco's

They have really great Italian food and pizza! They're a favorite of many.

Website: Dino and Francescos

Facebook: Dino and Francescos

Address: 3366 Birney Ave Moosic, Pennsylvania 18507

Phone: (570) 346-4624

What I recommend: Red, white, white broccoli, or hot wing


Andy's pizza has a really different taste the all of the others, and it is really good! I remember being surprised by how much I liked it the first time I had it.

Facebook: Andy's Pizza

Address: 528 Main St., Peckville, Pennsylvania 18452

Phone: (570) 489-9238

What I recommend: Plain, or, if you're a pickle fan, the pickler!


Armetta's is another really cute Italian place with a great food and a lot to offer! Their pizza, as well as everything else is great.

Website: Armetta's

Facebook: Armetta's

Address: 329 Northern Blvd., Chinchilla, Pennsylvania 18410

Phone: (570) 586-5492

What I recommend: The classic plain round tray

G&M Snack Bar in South Side Bowl

I know what you're thinking: bowling alley food? Can that really be in the top 15? Yes!!! Call me crazy, but I promise their pizza is sooo good.

Website: South Side Bowl

Facebook: South Side Bowl

Address: 125 Beech St., Scranton, Pennsylvania 18505

Phone: (570) 961-5213

What I recommend: a tray of red

Arcaro & Genell's

Arcaro and Genell's is another great place that truly embodies "Old Forge Pizza."

Website: Arcaro and Genell's

Facebook: Arcaro and Genell's

Address: 443 S. Main St., Old Forge, Pennsylvania, 18518

Phone: (570) 457-4262

What I recommend: plain red or double crusted white

Colarusso's in Clarks Summit

Colarusso's is a gem of Clark's Summit. Their pizza and buffet never disappoints!

Facebook: Colarusso's

Address: 100 E Grove St., Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 18411

Phone: (570) 586-0608

What I recommend: red square with sausage

Gourmet Slice

A true Montage Mountain favorite, Gourmet Slice never disappoints with their various flavors of round pizza, as well as Old Forge style pizza.

Website: Gourmet Slice

Facebook: Gourmet Slice

Address: 1101 Shoppes Blvd., Moosic, Pennsylvania 18507

Phone: (570) 347-4992

What I recommend: my personal favorite is the hot wing pizza and the penne vodka pizza

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10 Phrases Only Restaurant Workers Say, And What They Mean

Here are some terms I've learned in the kitchen after serving for a year and a half.


When I was in high school, I used to say that I could never work in a restaurant. I didn't think I had it in me.

But a friend got me a job as a hostess at a restaurant, and within a month the manager asked me to train to serve. Honestly believing that I couldn't do the job, I said yes and took on the challenge. I had a great server train me and within days I had gotten into the swing of things.

Now I've been serving for a year and a half, and if I've learned anything, it's the restaurant culture is unlike any other. Here are some terms I've learned in the kitchen.

1. "I'm weeded"

The interesting thing about this one is I only heard it once I moved to the South. I don't know if it was just the specific restaurant I worked at, but I didn't hear it in the North. I was very confused at first, but now it is one of my favorite terms.

Example: "I have seven tables. I'm weeded/in the weeds."

2. "Double-sat"

Servers are supposed to be "sat" one table at a time until the host has given one table to every server, then they start over and give everyone a second table, and so on. But things happen, sometimes people ask to sit in your section and all of a sudden you're double-sat. This also applies to triple-sat, quadruple-sat and so on.

Example: "The hostess double-sat me, and now I'm weeded."

3. "Heard"

This is one that I often accidentally apply to life outside the kitchen. When someone says something to you, us restaurant people acknowledge by saying "heard," sometimes including "heard that" or "heard" followed by repeating exactly what they said.

Example: someone says, "You got table 36." You say "Heard, table 36." This makes communication in an often hectic environment clearer.

4. "86"

86 simply means we are out of that item.

Example: "86 green beans" to which you would respond, "heard, 86 green beans." You get the idea.

5. "Behind/beside you!"

This is a great announcement to make particularly if you or someone else is carrying a tray of food. By shouting that you are "behind you" or "beside you," this more or less prevents getting bumped into and food getting spilled or anyone getting hurt. This is another phrase I carry over into everyday life, which I really shouldn't do.

Example: "Behind you!" "Heard!"

6. "Cut"

When you are cut that means you are not getting any more tables for the night. So, that means finish up the tables you do have, clean your section, complete your side work, print your checkout and go home! When you're having a particularly rough night, the best thing anyone can say to you is:

Example: "Hey, you're cut," to which you would likely to respond, either "heard, cut" or, more likely, "woohoo!"

7. "Side work"

Side work is all that annoying stuff you have to do besides actually waiting tables. This may be stocking the POS (Point of Sales) stations where the computer and receipt printers are, or it may be putting dishes away. It usually involves some sort of cleaning or stocking supplies, and you have to get signed off for completing it before you get to go home.

Example: "My side work tonight is to stock the drink stations." Ugh.

8. "Down"

When something is "down" that means one of two things. Either, we are running low on some supply and someone needs to get some more or a food is being cooked.

Example: "Down biscuits!" means someone better put some more biscuits in the oven stat.

"You got fries down?" is asking whether the fry cook has french fries in the fryer.

9. "Double"

To be a double means to work the lunch and dinner shift in one day, as opposed to just one of them. If you are a double you are supposed to get special treatment, which may or may not involve getting cut early in the dinner shift.

Example: "I am a double every Saturday."

10. "Closer"

At some restaurants, this may be called a "Team Leader," but at my current restaurant, it is called a closer. They are the person responsible for signing your checkout slip, which tells the manager you cleaned your section and completed your side work. A dinner closer is also responsible for shutting down the service stations at the end of the night.

Example: "Who is the closer tonight?"

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