Atlanta: capital of the peach state and home to a lot of exciting things. There's something in Atlanta for everyone if you look hard enough. There are some pretty popular places to visit along with places you may not have heard of before. If you're willing to brave the terrible drivers and eternal traffic, these 7 places are totally worth checking out.

1. A Store For Random, Quirky and Cool Items

The Junkman's Daughter is located in Little 5 Points and is worth visiting. You could easily spend a couple of hours assessing every little item they sell. It's also has celebrity visitors like Steven Tyler, Bono, Betsey Johnson, P!nk, Outkast, Usher, Avril Lavigne, and more!

2. A Bar That Looks Like Tim Burton Made It

While you're at the Junkman's Daughter, visit this really cool bar in the same plaza. They have great burgers!

3. A Great Graffiti Place For Your Next Insta Pic

Krog Street Tunnel (and a few buildings nearby) has great artwork and make great pictures for your instafeed. I also did a more in depth article on graffiti art in Atlanta, if you want more places like this.

4. If You Love History and Nature, There's A Place For You

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve is a really cool place to visit if it isn't too hot out. It was the location where the Battle of Utoy Creek was held and hundreds of soldiers died here. There's even some trenches left from the battle. It's also one of the oldest forests in the Atlanta limits and contains a lot of springs. Directions to get there are a little tricky, but there's a site for that, of course.

5. Another Place For History Buffs

The Atlanta Cyclorama is chalk full of history on the Civil War. It's 358 feet in circumference and covers 15,030 square feet, making it the largest oil painting in the world. It depicts the Civil War specifically in Atlanta (of course!) and was recently relocated to the Atlanta History Center, so it won't reopen until Fall 2018.

6. Atlanta Has Something For Sci-Fi Fans, Too

The Atlanta CDC Museum is a sci-fi reality of the governments disease management, and the reality of what we'd be seeing if we had a massive disease outbreak. You can thank the 1995 film Outbreak for this museum.

7. And Lastly, For Fans Of Obscure Things

Constitution Lakes Park doesn't just have beautiful nature, but creepy little dolls scattered all over the place. You can even add your own dolls if you'd like! Directions are also kind of tricky for this one and, of course, there's a site for that.

If you want to find other cool places not on this list, there's quite a few if you look hard enough.