20 Netflix Shows To Watch in Your 20s
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20 Netflix Shows To Watch in Your 20s

20 Netflix Shows To Watch in Your 20s

I consider myself to be a true “Netflixer.” I have pretty good taste in television and I’ve seen enough variety to know when a show is good enough to waste a whole day on. In this guide, I’ll let you know which shows I think are binge-worthy and why. I’ll also let you know if the show is cancelled, finished, or still in progress.

1. Breaking Bad

Best television show ever written, directed, produced, acted, you name it. It’s the best. "BB" suits every type of person over the age of sixteen. It’s the kind of show you watch until 3 a.m. because every time you finish an episode you can’t help but start another one.

2. Orange is the New Black

It took me a long time to get around to this show because I didn’t think I was going to like it. I was so wrong. I loved it. The characters are captivating and you’ll never bored during an episode – always wondering what are these crazy ladies going to do next.

3. Lost

This was one of the first shows I watched on Netflix. "Lost" captures you from the very first episode. I recommend it to anyone who likes action/thriller.

4. House

The writers are brilliant, especially for the main character Gregory House. He’s snarky, juvenile, and a little mean but you’ll fall in love with intellect. I have a huge crush on "House."

5. Gossip Girl

If you love petty, catfight drama, you’ll love GG. If blackmail, deception, lies, and amazing fashion is your type of television, I recommend this Upper East Side series.

6. The Fall

OMG. Gillian Anderson is BAE. I love this British murder mystery. This psychological thriller follows the story of a Belfast serial killer and the detective who will go to all lengths to catch him.

7. Parenthood

This is like real life on television – it doesn’t get more real, really. The writers did a fantastic job capturing the awkwardness that comes with just being a human.

8. Law and Order: SVU

I mean who doesn’t love Olivia Benson? Need I say more?

9. The 4400

The plot of this sci-fi is what really pulled me in – it’s very original. It goes something like this: people have been disappearing sporadically since 1946 and all of a sudden all reappear at the exact same time. They don’t remember what happened in the time since they have been missing, but they all seem to have unique gifts. Chaos ensues.

10. Madam Secretary

I watched all of season 1 in the span of a weekend. I’m not someone who is usually into political dramas (I haven’t even seen "Scandal"), but this one is worth it. It reignited my interest in politics. Try it.

11. Bones

Forensic Anthropologist (Brennan) and FBI agent (Booth) team up and fight crime. It’s like SVU but with a love story attached. It’s the best of both worlds.

12. Gilmore Girls

Just a feel-good, pass-the-time, all around awesome show. I think I actually first watched this series all the way through when I was 14 years old. It will never be outdated.

13. The X-Files

Aliens, vampires, monsters, and zombies – need I even explain my love for this show? The show finished years ago, but is being revived!

14. Private Practice/Grey’s Anatomy

These two shows are very similar – both medical dramas highlighting different patients and cases whilst intertwining the personal lives of the doctors and medical staff. Very entertaining, very well worth watching.

15. Friday Night Lights

Football and drama – I feel like this is a show that couples can easily watch together. “Netflix and chill” anyone?

16. Hostages

So sad there wasn’t a second season with this one. This drama series had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation. A doctor is held hostage with her family and ordered to kill to the president during his upcoming surgery – I mean, what a great premise!

17. The Riches

Every time I think of this show, I laugh out loud. Here’s the plot: a family of Irish travelers/con-artists are involved in a car accident that kills an affluent family (the Riches). The family then adopts the Riches’ identities and attempts to live their wealthy lifestyle. Tell me that’s not hilarious!

18. The Lying Game

Twins Sutton and Emma separated at birth switch places and attempt to find their birth parents. The reason this show appealed to me is because I love “Parent Trap.” So if you’re like me and you enjoy that movie, you’ll probably love this show.

19. Revolution

This is another show that I wish wasn’t cancelled. This post-apocalyptic drama follows the years after a worldwide “Blackout.” Without electricity, many of died and the political structure has crumbled. This show is about survival.

20. Witches of East End

A family of witches living in the real world. I’ll admit, this show is way cheesy, especially the second season. I still think it’s worth watching.

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