Waking up in the mornings can be hard, especially if you are forced to by an alarm or parent. Honestly hats off to those morning people out there! Regardless of when you wake up, everyone has their own morning routine.

Here are so some things you can add to yours if you haven't already.

1. Get out of bed as soon as you wake up

As soon as your alarm goes off or your eyes open, try to get up and get going with your morning routine. Lying in bed after waking up for a little bit is OK, but you shouldn't do it for long. Staying in bed for hours leads to sadness often.

2. Think about three things that you are grateful for

Starting off your day thinking about a few things that you are grateful helps you get into a positive mindset. Remembering all those things makes you happier. Also, with that mindset, getting up will be a lot easier.

3. Check your planner and calendar

Checking your planner and/ or calendar in the morning gives you an overview of your day. Also, you get to see what tasks you have to complete. By doing this, you get an idea in your head about how your day will go and you can start making plans on how to execute all the tasks.

4. Check your social media and email

Social media is now the new means of advertising and informing, and of course, emails are an extremely important mode of communication. Checking your social media will update you about the people and news around you. Emails are ways you get other personalized information.

5. Drink a glass of water

The last time you probably had water was before you slept the night before, unless, of course, you woke up in the middle of the night and had some. So, your body is most likely dehydrated. Also, water helps boost your metabolism, flushes out the toxins in your body, and gives your brain some fuel. All those things as essential in the morning.