The Best Moments At The 2019 Tony Awards

Every year, James Cordon blesses our television with the Tonys and he rarely disappoints. This year was no exception. The Tonys this year were breathtaking more than ever before, with standout performances and first-time winners. As a past theatre geek, the Tonys bring me so much joy every year, and there were some specific moments that had me smiling ear to ear.

James Cordon's Opening Number

James Corden opened the Tonys with a magical number that had everyone on their feet. With a brief interruption from a true king, Bryan Cranston, Cordon conveyed the true magic of live Broadway shows. If you have ever seen a live show on or off Broadway, you know just how amazing and touching they can be. This number perfectly conveyed the work and emotion put into live shows. Of course, since James Cordon was involved, there had to be a bunch of comedic moments, as well as references to his show, but it all made the number even more amazing.

"Wait For Me" from Hadestown

Hadestown is a musical about the legendary Orpheus myth and this number was absolutely amazing. It sent me through a whirlwind of emotions. The music is so beautiful yet so dark and eerie. I got chills all down my body throughout the entire number. Not only is the music amazing, but the set design and choreography was brilliant. This show clearly deserved all the Tonys it took home, and I hope one day I can see it.

"I Cain't Say No" from Oklahoma

Ali Stroker's voice blew me away at this moment. Her vocals are untouchable and her acting is impeccable. She had an absolutely fabulous performance in this number and I was genuinely shocked by how much power Stroker truly had in her voice. The video here speaks for itself: Ali Stroker is a true artist and is absolutely amazing at what she does.

Ali Stroker's Big Win

When Ali Stroker won the Tony for best featured actress in a musical for her role as Ado Annie in Oklahoma, she got straight to the point. She dedicated her win to any person watching with a disability, as she is paralyzed from a car accident in her youth. Her win shows that no matter the odds, you can still achieve your dreams. Stroker didn't let her disability stop her from chasing her dreams, and she proved it with this win. She is the first actress in a wheelchair to win a Tony, and it is well deserved. This part of the Tonys had me in tears, as well as many others watching.

The 73rd annual Tony Awards left me with a whirlwind of emotions. Every year the Tonys leave me in tears from the fabulous performances and the amazing wins, and this year, I thought these four moments had the biggest impact on me and others watching.

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