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Luke Combs Is The Next Big Thing And The Proof Lies In These 9 Songs

Don't take my word for it just listen to his music

Luke Combs Is The Next Big Thing And The Proof Lies In These 9 Songs

Luke Combs may be fairly new to the country music scene, but his songs speak otherwise. Whether it's a feel-good song or a powerful love song, Luke Combs knows how to appeal to his fans. He is without a doubt the next big thing, and the proof is right there in his music.

1. "She Got the Best of Me"

Luke pours his heart out in this song about young love and how the memories still follow him around.

So you get what's left of me,
She got the best of me

2. "Must've Never Met You"

A song about a breakup that seems to never heal.

Whoever said it ain't the end of the world
You can find somebody newMust've never met you

3. "Be Careful What You Wish For"

A reminder to appreciate the things you have.

Sometimes what you think you'll find
It ain't quite what real life has in store
So be careful what you wish for

4. "Beautiful Crazy"

Quite possibly the best love song of all time.

Beautiful, crazy, she can't help but amaze me
The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
And wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah, she's crazy but her crazy's beautiful to me

5. "Hurricane"

We can all relate to this song at some point or another.

Knew it was gonna be a long night
From the moment when
We locked eyes over whiskey on ice
Started talkin' 'bout us again

6. "'One Number Away"

A song of regrets and wondering what the girl he loved is up to now.

And I'm one number away from calling to you
I said I was through, but I'm dying inside
Got my head in a mess, girl, I confess
I lied when I said, "I'm leaving and not coming back"

7. "Used to You"

A heart-wrenching song that anyone who has ever lost someone can relate to.

But I'm getting used to that old truck of yours
Sitting out in the drive
I'm getting used to you not being there
At church on Sunday night
I'm getting used to the radio playing
Without you singing along
But I'll never get used to you being gone

8. "Memories Are Made Of"

Reminiscing about the good times before life got in the way.

Our first taste of freedom after high school
Breaking hearts and curfews and mama's rules
I just laugh thinking 'bout all the shit that we got into to
Yeah those were the days we thought we'd never lose

9. "When It Rains It Pours"

Definitely one of Luke's feel-good songs. It's impossible not to sing along when this one comes on.

I was caller number five on a radio station,
won a four-day, three-night, beach vacation
Deep sea, senorita, fishing down in Panama
And I ain't gotta see my ex future mother-in-law anymore
Oh lord, when it rains it pours

So go ahead, jam out to his albums- you won't be the only one.

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