1. Ozuna

Ozuna is a Puerto Rican rapper and Reggaeton singer who has been at the top of the charts lately. You may recognize him from his hit "La Modelo" with Cardi B. Ozuna has been in the game since the early 2010s taking Latin America by storm, but has been making his name known worldwide recently. His music either gives you all the feels or makes you feel Iike no one can touch you, and both feel amazing.

Song recommendation:

"Se Preparó" , "Una Flor"

2. Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny might just actually be the coolest person ever, from his style, to his voice, to the way he tackles issues of immigration and homophobia. He went from working in a grocery store in his home of Puerto Rico to selling out shows across North and South America. He dominates the Latin trap scene, uniting genres and breaking language barriers. We need more people like him.

Song recommendation:

"Soy Peor", "Ni Bien Ni Mal"

3. Mon Laferte

This Chilean singer has the amazing style with a voice to match. She has this really cool indie vibe that is unique to her style, combined with some girl power; safe to say she's pretty iconic! Her music videos are such a treat to the eyes, too.

Song recommendations:

"Tu Falta de Querer", "Amárrame"

4. J Balvin

I would be lying if I said I didn't have a huge crush on him; his jovial personality, unique voice and colorful hair make this Colombian pretty lovable. He expresses his love and loyalty to Reggaeton and always wants to represent the Latin community in a positive light, showing the power of languages and how they can unite the world. He's even worked with Beyonce,

Song recommendation:

"Ambiente", "Ay Vamos"

5. Calle 13

Throwing it back to the early 2000s, Calle 13's music is still just as iconic as it was then. The band doesn't necessarily fit into one specific genre, which is arguably what makes them so cool. You can hear the worldly influence of other genres in their music, and the band even moved on to covering a plethora of political issues. This band proved to be capable of pulling off multiple styles, genres, and topics, an area where many bands fall short.

Song recommendations

"Muerte en Hawaii" "No Hay Nadie Como Tú"

6. Maluma

Another Colombian who is seemingly and rightfully so taking over the world, Maluma is the bad boy everyone can't help but swoon over. He has hits multiple hits with Shakira, Nicky Jam, and Ozuna. His romantic lyrics will leave you wanting to be serenaded, unable to sit still to his catchy rhythms.

Song recommendations:

"Borró Cassette" ,"El Perdedor"

7. Miranda!

This Argentinian duo has this retro sound and super groovy vibes, and I have had their album on shuffle nonstop! They have a super colorful look and are super addictive

Song Recommendations:

"743" , "Yo Te Diré"

8. Juanes

His talent will not cease to amaze you!! Juanes can tackle so many genres, from cumbia to pop, and I absolutely adore him!

Song recommendations:

"Rosario Tijeras", "La Paga"

10. Romeo Santos

This Dominican with a buttery smooth voice hails from New York and has been dubbed the "King of Bachata", and his music is perfect when you just need to get up and dance or get your mind off of a heartbreak. His romantic ballads will make you fall in love with him more and more each time "Propuesta Indecente" comes on shuffle (trust me).

Song recommendations:

"Imitadora", "Bella y Sensual"

11. Manuel Turizo

The talented 18 year old Colombian pop and Reggaeton singer's anthems fill you with a sense of immense joy and transport you to the streets of South America instantly. He has a young and fresh sound, and you'll be waiting eagerly for his next single.

Song recommendations:

"Esperándote", "Esclavo de Tus Besos"

12. Sebastián Yatra

He's also from- you guessed it- Colombia! His collaborations with famous Latin American artists such as Dalmata and Carlos Vives skyrocketed his fame, and he just keeps getting bigger! He has everything between upbeat Reggaeton jams to slower songs

Song recommendations:

"Ya No Tiene Novio", "Traicionera"

13. Karol G

She mixes street style and Reggaeton with female independence and she's just overall pretty badass. She is unapologetically herself and honestly is pretty iconic! (BTW her and Anuel AA make a cute couple)

Song recommendations:

"Hello", "Culpables"