5 Times Jon Bellion Perfectly Described College With His Music
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5 Times Jon Bellion Perfectly Described College With His Music

A few of the million reasons why I love this man.

5 Times Jon Bellion Perfectly Described College With His Music

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a big fan of music. Whether I'm in the middle of a party singing a song I (hardly) know the lyrics to or simply sifting through my iTunes library to find the perfect song to make me feel better, I know I can always count on it.

One of the beauties of constantly listening to music is that you're always finding new songs, and with Jon Bellion I couldn't help but become an instant fan. From the lesser known songs on his mixtapes to the new radio hit "All Time Low", I've come to love and live by a lot of the words he preaches. Not long into listening to his music did I start to realize the accuracy of his lyrics. It's because of this that I figured I'd share a couple of my most relatable favorites, as I know they're my go-to songs when I need a pick-me-up.

1. Morning in America

A part of his debut student album, Bellion's "All Time Low" perfectly encapsulates the struggles of student life and the stress-relievers that they often indulge in when life just gets to be too much. No one is proud of being there, but it can certainly be relatable to all types of students across the board.

"I've been trying to keep up with all of these great expectations, so I keep on faking"

2. Luxury

Bear with me on this one, as the song is technically about Bellion's mind being polluted and him losing himself due to the crazy life that fame has thrown him into. However, don't college kids lose their mind with the freedom that is given to them? After leaving high school, you go from living under the same roof as your parents to having a place of your own with as much time to do whatever you want. Although this is incredibly liberating, it takes a couple mistakes to know what you should be doing with that time.

"Please don't let my soul drown in the luxury."

3. Human (Acoustic)

First things first, the acoustic version of this song is beautiful (peep the video above). Likely the most emotional song on this list, I can fully say that this is one of my favorite songs of all time. Maybe I have a flair for breakup songs, but Bellion's lyrics perfectly describe the struggle of trying to make it on your own. Yes, you have family and friends behind you, but that doesn't always make everything easier to figure out.

"If my location's never unknown, then tell me why I still feel lost."

4. Maybe IDK

The fear of the unknown is what gets on our nerves. College is seemingly the last step before entering the "real world" and being held accountable for being a functioning human at all times. Frankly, I think that's terrifying. Without all of this uncertainty, though, would we have anything to look forward to?

"I guess if I knew His plans, I guess He wouldn't be God."

5. Ungrateful Eyes

Have you ever come to think that you've never been "present" to fully enjoy everything in your life? Like maybe you're just letting everything pass you by without actually living? If you haven't then you're lucky because it's a really scary realization. Most of us can get over those thoughts pretty quickly, but "Ungrateful Eyes" is a good reminder to appreciate everything that comes your way.

"All we want to know is where the stars come from, but do we ever stop to watch them shine?"

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