My Top 25 Go-To Island Rock Songs
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My Top 25 Go-To Island Rock Songs

Island rock songs have such different vibes.

My Top 25 Go-To Island Rock Songs

I'm a guy raised in the country on a farm surrounded by other farms so why do I listen to island rock and reggae as my main music? The vibes and feels you get from listening to a song is so different than any other genre. There's a couple guys I went to high school with who moved to Hawaii and commonly listen to these same songs. One of my best friends from freshman year was also a big Sublime fan who turned me on to Iration (yeah, Ryan, if you're reading this I'm talking about you) and he was from middle-of-nowhere Alabama also but loves the beach the same as I do and the music and vibes that come with it.

Many people say they can live that vacation life forever but it's truly a great lifestyle that most people will drift away from after a while. So, let's go to my top 25 go to songs:

"Weight of Sound" by Stick Figure feat. TJ O'Neil

"Weight of Sound" is kind of a sad song but with a happy chorus and inspirational message. It's about going through different issues in life but says keep going because everything is gonna be alright.

"Livin' It" by Stick Figure

"Livin' It" is also by Stick Figure but is a soft happier song. Throughout the song the artist is expressing why he is happy and how great of a night it is.

"Bad Decisions" by Bumpin Uglies

"Bad Decisions" is a great college song with the first lyrics being "Crackin open a Natty Light while twisting another fatty tight."

"April 29, 1992" by Sublime

Though the date is said different in the song to the actual date, "April 26, 1992" is a historical song about Bradley Nowell's partaking in the riots after police beat Rodney King.

"One Day" by Matisyahu feat. Akon

"One Day" is probably the top song on this list everyone should listen to promoting peace as a whole.

"Collie Man" by Slightly Stoopid

Hidden behind a nice acoustic beat and flow of lyrics "Collie Man" is a sad song about a drug dealer who is lonely and only gets called to deliver drugs.

"Falling" by Iration

"Falling" is a song about having a good time and realizing you're starting to fall for the girl.

"Coming Home" by Stick Figure

"Coming Home" is about a guy who has made mistakes in life and is trying to fix what he's done and is trying to come back home to his mother.

"Closer to the Sun" by Slightly Stoopid

"Closer to the Sun" is about spending great moments with the wrong girl who the artist has true feelings for her but she just wants to be friends so he wants to move on and find the right one.

"I Don't Wanna Wait" by SOJA

"I Don't Wanna Wait" is a song about society and how you have to know the true you and not what society says you are or what you will become so be you.

"Garden Grove" by Sublime

Hidden behind the great reggae beat that will chill anyone out, "Garden Grove" is about Bradley Nowell's shitty life and how bad Southern California is.

"The Lime Tree" by Trevor Hall

"The Lime Tree" is about finding God and hiding at first but once you find him his love rains down on you.

"Jam With You" by Landon McNamara feat. Late Ones

"Jam With You," in my opinion, is about the artists having a beef with someone and instead of having to fight they would rather get along.

"Fade Away" by Rebelution

"Fade Away" is about Mother Nature and earth as a planet and what the future has in store for earth.

"Choice is Yours" by Stick Figure feat. Slightly Stoopid

"Choice is Yours" pretty much says do what makes you happy because you can't please everyone but you have the choice to make yourself happy.

"Collect the Trophy" by 10 Ft Ganja Plant

"Collect the Trophy" is about he's been in some darkness but now he's become successful and gotten the trophy he's worked hard for.

"This Joint" by Slightly Stoopid

"This Joint" is essentially about rolling up a joint and smoking all over the US.

"Summer Nights" by Iration

"Summer Nights" is about thinking back on the good times you've had.

"Pepper" by The Butthole Surfers

"Pepper" is a wild song about the crazy things teens and young adults do such as drugs, hookups, reckless driving, money, etc and the dangers they bring.

"Meant to Be" by Rebelution feat. Jacob Hemphill

"Meant to Be" is about getting out of a bad situation and how refreshing it can be to rediscover yourself and life.

"Fire on the Horizon" by Stick Figure

"Fire on the Horizon" is about the escape music can have for you with whatever you're going through in this song of life.

"Ashes" by Pepper

"Ashes" is about a guy who cheats on his girl and comes clean to face the consequences and wants her to forgive him after expressing how she really feels so they can move on from the past and burn their past and start again.

"World on Fire" by Stick Figure feat. Slightly Stoopid

"World on Fire" is about the greed of money and control and how it would be best to burn it all because love is the best richness out there.

"Get Ready" by Sublime

"Get Ready" is about how weed gets you in that right mood whether to write songs or for a concert and how weed isn't a bad drug and shouldn't be illegal.

"You and Me" by SOJA feat. Chris Boomer

"You and Me" is about a guy who still wants a girl no matter what she puts him through but still needs him. She makes him chase her but when he starts them back together she walks away and doesn't want it and he feels he still with her even when she's gone.

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