With the invention of smartphones, boredom tends to never be a possibility, and let's be real: college students are usually super busy with homework and hanging out with friends that we never really have spare time to do every single thing we'd love to do. But when we do have a minute to spare, our hands absentmindedly reach for our smartphones immediately and click on the all-too-familiar social media icons that we enjoy so much, and ultimately waste our time.

One of the most underrated and pretty productive social media sites, however, is none other than Pinterest: a site where you can search a topic that scans throughout the internet for what you're looking for and fills your feed with pictures and all of your recent searches. The timeline becomes unique to the user specifically, and what's even better is that the feed is never-ending no matter how far you scroll down.

The next time you want to tap Instagram or Twitter when you have a spare minute, open or download Pinterest. Then, search these topics I've listed to have the ultimate experience all while being pretty productive by fueling your dreams with inspiration, and you might even find a new obsession to add to the slew of apps you love.

1. Inspiring/relatable quotes

Pin by Francesca on quotes | Pinterest | Make me smile


Yeah, this one may seem pretty cliché, but Pinterest has TONS of quotes that can literally change your whole mood around in a second or even your whole perspective on your most recent dilemma. This is my most crowded board (with over 600 pins- oops), so dig into your deepest feels and find the most poetic quotes that are meant for only you!

2. Crazy and unique recipes

Blueberry Breakfast Cookies are soft, chewy and the perfect healthy portable / grab and go breakfast. Gluten free, refined sugar free and lo… | Recipes in 2019 | Pinterest | Breakfast recipes, Breakfast cookies and Food


One of the most popular topics Pinterest is known to be the hub for is the most outlandish as well as healthy recipes. Whether you're lactose intolerant, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian or really anything, Pinterest will definitely have fun recipes that fit your needs. Hit the web and get cookin'!

3. Ideas for that thing you've been wanting to do

M o c h a chocolate 🍫😲 | Hair Ideas in 2019 | Pinterest | Hair, Balayage hair and Dyed hair


You know that thing you've been wanting to do for a while now that's sitting in the back of your mind and you have no idea how to go about it? Well, look no further than Pinterest to get some serious inspiration for this "thing". If it's a new hair color, a first tattoo or even an ear piercing, Pinterest can definitely help visualize exactly what you want (and definitely don't want).

4. Wedding, home decor and stuff for the future

Bridal mood board: the winter wedding


For the people who don't know about Pinterest, they automatically think it's made for young women dreaming of their special day, future home or baby room necessities. While this site does not center specifically on these topics, it does have the best assortment of ideas and inspiration for it all. How did our mothers function without this when they were young?!

5. TV shows/movies/books/characters you like

Pin by Francesca on pics | Pinterest | Disney drawings, Cute disney and Baymax


The fandom life finds a place to reside in any and all social media platforms, and this site doesn't pose as an exception. On here, you can find an array of fan art, text posts and edits for basically every fan's enjoyment. Pinterest isn't just for inspiration, and who says Tumblr and Twitter are the only ones who can have all the fan fun?

6. Instagram tips

Pin by Francesca on Insta Tips | Pinterest | Vsco filter, Photography filters and Vsco photography


This is my most recent discovery on Pinterest: hacks for making your Instagram pictures the perfect aesthetic. From the "sunrise" theme pictured here to the hues of peach and winter, just search "Instagram filters" and your feed will flood with tons of formulas to make your Instagram the next trendiest account around.

7. Life hacks

Life Hacks. #035. | Helpful Tips | Pinterest | Useful life hacks, 1000 life hacks and Life hacks


You've probably seen these pictures on iFunny or somewhere around the internet, but Pinterest is loaded with cool hacks like these; not to mention there are also tons of seriously useful things (like how to do the Heimlich on a dog or safety tips for walking alone at night) that can literally save a life. Whether you like the fact or not, social media really can be used for good sometimes.

8. The best workout regiments

Pin by Francesca on Health and fitness | Pinterest | Month workout, Workout and Month workout challenge


Pinterest is SUPER helpful when you want to start kicking your butt into high gear to get in shape. What better time to start shaping your body for summer than now? There are so many variations of workouts for every kind of body type, stamina, diet and perspire-er, so stop making excuses and start making your own pin board of workouts try!

9. Phone wallpapers

Wallpaper...#wallpaperideas | Wallpapers in 2019 | Pinterest | Wallpaper backgrounds, Wallpaper s and Iphone wallpaper


I haven't thought of this until recently, but since Pinterest is so aesthetically pleasing on its own it can also be the perfect place to find my next wallpaper for my phone. Whatever it is you're looking for, just search it with "wallpaper" preceding it and I guarantee you will find something you'll love. Plus, they're all free!

10. Outfit ideas

Collaboration with @americanstyle✨ California style winter outfit😂 Would you wear? Yes or no? ❤️⬇️ | outfit ideas in 2019 | Pinterest | tumblr Outfits, Fashion outfits and Grunge outfits


Who doesn't have trouble mixing and matching different pieces of clothing from their closet? Ditch the Polyvore-like sites of 2012 and roam the many looks that have taken over the feeds of Pinterest. No matter what style you're going for or the occasion, you are bound to find a look you'll fall in love with.