10 Of The Best Hozier Songs
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10 Hozier Songs That You Need To Listen To Right This Minute

When was the last time you heard a musician on the radio that you could also call a poet?

10 Hozier Songs That You Need To Listen To Right This Minute

Andrew Hozier-Byrne, known by his stage name Hozier, is an Irish singer that many of you have probably heard on the radio. His two albums "Hozier" and "Wasteland Baby" are two that everyone deserves to experience, where he uses his platform for all the right reasons. Hozier spreads messages of human rights, moral leadership, love, heartbreak, homophobia, social issues, drug abuse, domestic abuse, and even politics through his music. As someone who has listened to Hozier for years now, I've yet to listen to a song I dislike.

However, there are a few particular songs that always stood out to me, and I think it's important to share their messages.

"Someone New"

Someone on the Internet once called this Tinder's theme song — sad, cynical people looking for a connection but finding only momentary thrills that leave them empty. This is an accurate representation of today's generation and not just for teenagers. This song tackles cheating and the lifestyle of having only loveless sex, where connections are hard to make and maintain.


No exaggeration: this song is goosebumps-inducing, heart-pounding, breath-shortening. Throughout this song, Hozier is comparing himself to a bird who is often known to shriek or cry, implying that he is "singing like a bird" from the loss of a loved one. As someone who is currently healing from a past relationship, I easily understand the regret and dependence that occurs and how it feels like you are crying out to your lover when it ends.

"To Be Alone"

This song is about the seductive power of a woman, saying that the feeling of being with her is so intense, even heroine pales in comparison. He is addicted to this woman, though she is no good for him. He says "you don't know the hell you put me through to have someone kiss the skin that crawls from you" and talks about "the damaged love she makes." This conveys the type of unhealthy obsession that occurs in relationships.

"Work Song"

"No grave can hold my body down I'll crawl home to her" is a reflection of the relationship between two people that the rest of us would like to have. Every day when Hozier goes to work and he is tired, all he does is think about his baby to make him feel better. Also, I'm convinced that singing comes more naturally to this man than breathing.

"Cherry Wine"

This song makes me cry every time. This accurately depicted the conflicted emotions attached to domestic violence, and the sick and twisted love the couple has for each other. Everyone imagines abusive relationships as just fighting and abuse all the time. This still occurs, but one of the main reasons people stay in the relationship is because they think they're in love and the abuser almost always makes them feel sorry or constantly says they won't do it again. Of course, this doesn't just go for physical abuse. All the way around If you identify with any of this, please leave your relationship.

"It Will Come Back"

In music, men have been comparing themselves with animals for ages but never this compellingly. In this song, Hozier is comparing his love to a wolf who is dependent. This song is absolutely how I feel whenever I get attached to anyone. I quickly become dependent and attached to their attention which is why it resonates with me. Even the wolf needs love. If that's you, don't be hard on yourself. You'll settle down when you're ready.


Hozier has stated that this song is about escapism. One can only assume listening to the lyrics that it is most likely about escapism through drugs. Drugs will absolutely detail and destroy your life if one is not careful, don't let it play this track instead.


Enough said.


Hozier got Sergei Polunin to dance in the music video for this song, who is known as the "bad boy of ballet," where it seems as if he is running from different versions of himself. This is one of my favorite music videos for the amazing performance it gives. Every time I hear this song it makes me want to dance and create movement. A true masterpiece by Hozier.

 "Nina Cried Power"

Fun fact: Obama listed this as one of his favorite songs of the year. If that doesn't make you instantly like it, the meaning will. Hozier said his song was intended as "a thank you note to the spirit and legacy of protest; to the artists who imbued their work with the vigor of dissent, and a reflection on the importance of that tradition in the context of the rights, and lives, we enjoy today." This is for all the activists around the world and specifically in Ireland who have cried power.

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