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Top 10 Best Fruits That I'll Never Turn Down

Even when the snow blows, I am still thinking of these delicious fruits.

Top 10 Best Fruits That I'll Never Turn Down

People have favorite foods. It is just a concept we have come to accept and know. However, have you ever thought about your favorite fruit? The juicy, healthy food you bite into when you are feeling hungry but know you actually aren't. I have, and these top 10 fruits made the list of ones I will never turn down.



There is just something about this telephone shaped fruit. Maybe because it is easy to eat on the go, or because you can add it to your cereal, but this smooth fruit will always be a winner.



It's a sticky one to eat, and sometimes a pain to peel, but they are refreshing.



Caramel Sauce, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, or just by itself apples are a good on the run food.



Fresh, canned, chunks, rings, pineapples are delicious. They are another sticky one, but they soothe an upset stomach and taste delicious.



Eat it off the rime, on the rime. Eat it with salt or without salt. Get it with seeds or seedless, this red summer time fruit is a classic at all the cookouts and pool parties. And it's pretty tasty too.


My all time favorite fruit. You know you've found a good one when the cantaloupe is sweet and half soft but still a bit firm when you bite into it. This Orange colored fruit is always sitting on my dinner table.


Red Strawberry GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Cap them, cut them, dip them in some cool whip. Eat them out of the container, or put them on top of some cereal. Strawberries are an iconic fruit and their bold red color will forever be recognized.

The PURPLE Grapes

Grapes Driving GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Alright grape lovers, you know what I am talking about. Sure we appreciate all the grapes, but the purple ones hold a special place in our hearts. They aren't as sour as the counterpart green grapes, but they are firmer and juicer. It is so hard to explain the love for purple grapes, but they are downright the best.


Pears GIF by jjjjjohn - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Pears, are a strange fruit. The texture is a bit...different, but they are juicy in a watery since.They are healthy and down right delicious.

The FIRM Blueberries

Fruit Blueberries GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Blueberries are different fruit. They are great in pancakes, fruit salads, not so much pop-tarts. But they are only good if they are firm, once they start to soften and get "squishy" they suck. So be careful with your blueberry Pickin's

Despite the cold weather, and everyone packing on the pounds to stay warm, fruit is always an option. Sure you have to be careful because if it is not in season it can be a bit pricier, but honestly who doesn't think of these delicious, mouth-watering treats all that time.

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