To My Best Friend
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To My Best Friend

I love you, you crazy Idjit.

To My Best Friend

I love you. You have changed me as much as I have changed you. We met in Chemistry because our teacher was absent that day, and I am so glad to have met you. We had chorus together, and I loved having you with me those two years. You have come out of your shell quite a lot since we first met, and honestly, I have too. I used to be a weird teen who didn't really have anyone to mentor or to look out for, but, when you showed up in my life, I started to gain a friend who ended up being like a little sister to me. No matter how much we push each others' buttons, we still have so much love between us. When we get into our fights (Arguments, and admittedly, it's almost always me being the one to start the arguments) we still always manage to bounce back from it, and we talk out our issues, which is great, and then we go back to being peaceful. I honestly don't know what I would do without you in my life, or honestly, how I made it without you beforehand. I am so blessed to have you as my best friend.

Oh, how we have changed since we first met. You were so shy and barely wanted anyone, let alone me hearing you sing. But, I have to tell you, Your voice is so amazing and powerful that when I first heard it, I got chills and was thinking "How did I end up sitting next to someone who doesn't have to even try hard to sound like Christina Aguilera?" Because honestly, it comes naturally to you, and I'm sure if you randomly decided to sing a song in a voice like hers in public, I'm sure people would be wondering if she was actually there, and probably be shocked that it was actually you singing. I know you more than likely don't particularly like it, but, you do have an amazing voice. I am so glad that you trusted me enough to sing in front of me. I remember being sick and singing in front of you (and also, I just generally am still afraid to sing in front of people, I won't lie.) I know we still have a LONG way to go for this whole band thing to work out, but, as long as I have you there beside me, I feel like I can conquer the world.

Boo, you accept me for who I am, no matter how crazy and weird I can be, and I want to thank you for loving me through all my weirdness. I know we are meant to be friends for a very long time. I also love how we kind of fit together in a way. You hate black olives and mushrooms (Which means more for me. Haha.) You like the pie crust, while I like the filling. You are a vegetarian, while I eat whatever I feel, in moderation of course. I just want to say that I love you so much and that I am so happy to have you in my life, and hopefully, life will work out great so then we can be friends until we are old and our hair turns gray, and we start crocheting our grandkids scarfs or whatever. I love you so much you crazy Idjit. (Get the reference? Knew you would.)

Love, Always
Your Boo

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