Although Katie and I met by what seems to be either a complete accident or just fate itself, she is truly one of the most caring, genuine souls that I have ever met. Of all the people that I met through high school, Katie has been the only one to never leave my side despite going to college at different universities, getting our hearts broken a few times, and learning how to cope with anxiety. It's often said that opposites attract, but whenever people mention how alike Katie and I are to each other, I could not be more proud to be compared to a woman with such an amazing sense of character. All that being said, let me tell you about my best friend.

She is outspoken, headstrong, opinionated, and yes, sometimes she can be extra AF. You're selling her short if you honestly believe that she's "just another girl." She is so much more than that to me, and I hope one day, she will find herself a partner who sees how truly special she is. Being her best friend, I have had the opportunity to watch her grow and flourish into the woman she is today, I have seen her at her lowest, pettiest points and still think nothing less of her because it is her imperfections that make her who she is.

Whether it be calling someone out on Twitter or throwing a fit over shark documentaries, there is truly never a dull moment with her. If you want a girl who's easy and won't tell you exactly how it is, she is not your girl. Honestly, sometimes she can be irrational and hard-headed, but despite common belief, the world needs that, and so do people.

That's what makes her such a great friend, is that she is so firm in everything that she does, that I believe it has made me a more headstrong individual. Seeing her stand true to who she is and what she thinks has liberated me to do the same, and one day, I know that'll make her a great life companion for someone.

Although she's a worrier, it has made her a warrior. She is truly one of the strongest individuals that I know, and she works harder than most. She's dedicated and will try anything at least once just so she can tell you exactly how she feels about it (including going through her first car wash). She doesn't give up easily, but when she knows it's what's best, she can let go of whatever is holding her back. She knows what she wants and is willing to embrace change in the face of uncertainty.

Through all the ex-boyfriends, hardships, and troubled times, I've seen her at her best and her worst, and if you're not willing to accept her for how she is, then you just aren't worth it.

I will take all the late night rants, over-indulging trips to Wendy's, and panic-filled text messages that our friendship has to offer because quite honestly, I wouldn't have her any other way. She might not be perfect, but she is one hell of a good time.