I know, it kind of sounds funny doesn't it? An 80-year-old man should be the person a 19 year-old hangs with. Well, my grandfather is my favorite human and I would not have it any other way.

There is just something special about spending time with someone who has lived through so much and fought in WWII. Grandfathers have so many stories to tell that you never want to forget. They have literally lived through history. Grandfathers are the world's most selfless people. They know the exact thing to make you smile. They give the best hugs and they can make you smile the biggest.

I think that the reason my granddaddy is my favorite person is because he is the only grandparent I have left and I cherish the time I have with him so much. But, don't wait until they are gone to realize that. Make all your grandparents your favorite people. They really love like no other.

I really struggle putting into words just how much I want everyone to love their grandparents. They are loving, they are caring, and they truly are selfless. Plus, if they are like mine, they have lived through many wars. I think that is my favorite trait of my granddaddies. I really could sit and listen to him speak of this life for hours. The things he has seen and the places he has traveled really blow my mind. I never get bored when I am with him, either. Grandfathers just make you laugh so much.

My granddaddy was the rock for us when his wife, my grandmother, passed away. Like, how does it work like that? That's just how granddaddies work. They manage to hold it all together somehow. He was the glue when she couldn't be anymore and I think that's when I knew that I really never want to let this man go.

I want my future husband and the father to my children to have the qualities and traits like this man does. Grandfathers can literally fix anything. They have huge hands that are great for holding little girls' and they have huge hearts that are great for welcoming home the grandkids from college.

Next time you are bored or don't have plans, go hang with your granddad. I promise it will change your life for the better the second they become your best friend.