10 Towson Foodie Spots To Fall In Love With This Semester

10 Towson Foodie Spots To Fall In Love With This Semester

After parking passes, food is the next important thing at Towson.


As college students, we are ALWAYS in the mood for food. So here are some highlights as to Towson's more popular places to eat either on or off campus.

1. Insomnia

Deb Greengold

You can bet Towson students are here at 2am for that warm chocolate chip cookie!

2. Lotsa


You get the pizza all to yourself AND you get to customize it!

3. 7720 Cafe


Many TU students don't know that the cafe inside of the Admin building is open to students! Check it out and see the hidden gem on campus.

4. Sushi Hana


I love a good shrimp tempura roll!

5. Green Turtle

Deb Greengold

Whether you are 21 and can drink or not, you can definitely have a good time at Towson's Green Turtle.

6. Pho Dat Thanh


"Those noodles are bomb!"

7. Nacho Mama's


Queso is one of the best food inventions ever.

8. Paws Cafe


My personal favorite place on campus. The atmosphere is nice and cozy and you can play table tennis or watch karaoke!

9. THB Bagels


Who doesn't love a warm bagel on a cool day?

10. Seasons Pizza


"it's quick and yummy!"

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Chuck E. Cheese's Is Under Fire For Their Recycled Pizza And Here's The Tea

I do, however, remember throwing up a few days later and I'm also sure my brother was sick as well. It was obviously some form of food poisoning.


Man, do I remember going to Chuck E. Cheese's (CEC) on the weekends. When I was growing up, all the kids would have their parties at CEC. I don't even think it's because we genuinely liked Chucky (the rat), but rather because we liked the last party we went to so we wanted to do the same. Here's what I remember from CEC; we'd walk in and there'd be a giant play structure to one side, a pizza bar, an arcade, and then the party area where each party had its own tables. There'd be a huge stage with the animatronic robots.

Honestly, those were creepy then and they still are to this day. My brother actually had one of his birthday parties at CEC once. We ordered the pizza, cut cake, played games, etc. I do, however, remember throwing up a few days later and I'm also sure my brother was sick as well. It was obviously some form of food poisoning and my mother claimed it was his Batman cake because there was "so much dye on it." I believed that then, until a few weeks ago when the CEC Pizza conspiracy theory started going around.

And I'm 100% sure. The pizza was definitely recycled.

For those of you who are confused, just hold tight. I'll explain. CEC is under fire right now because YouTuber Shane Dawson recently made a documentary on it because he claimed the pizzas were "recycled." If you've been to a CEC and ordered pizza, you probably know what that means. Or if you don't remember, here's the gist. Search up "Chuck E. Cheese pizza" on Google right now. Look at any picture. None of the pieces line up, do they? Some slices are bigger than others, with the difference being too drastic to ignore. The pepperoni probably doesn't line up on some of the pieces either. And here's the theory.

Let's say there's a party and there are two slices of leftover pizza. The theory is, the worker will take those slices to the backroom, and use them to make another pizza for another order. The zombie pizza is then reheated and served. Quite disgusting, huh? It explains a lot about the pizzas. Now does this mean all branches follow this? Not at all. Many ex-employees and current workers have come forward to say they don't ever do this.

However, some workers have also said it varies per branch and some of their managers use that practice to "save money and resources." This sounds like an FDA violation. Why don't all branches follow the same protocol? It's terrifying and sickening. Now me and my brother being sick could have actually been because of the cake but it could have also been because of the pizza.

Several people have claimed they've gotten sick after eating at CEC and I don't see why they wouldn't be. As a whole, CEC is pretty suspect. I mean think about it, don't you think it's a little weird taking your kids to a rat themed pizza place/arcade? I'm not just saying that because I live in the NJ/NY area, I think it's legitimately weird that a rat is the face of a pizza place. It promotes gambling. When I was a kid, we'd use tokens. Even if you lost, the game would give you a ticket and you'd use that motivation to continue playing. You could end up with 300 tickets and only get a slinky or a cheap sticker. The "good" prizes would be worth 7,000 tickets. Trying to get 7,000 tickets meant numerous visits. Child gambling is disgusting. Parents have complained that the play structures are never cleaned properly and that it's often very gross.

All I know is, Chuck E. Cheese has some serious explaining to do. And you'll never catch me taking my kids to CEC (if it still exists in the future).

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The Top 10 Reasons Bama Students Get Hyped For Rounders

College Students confess their WILD and UNEXPECTED reasons for going to Rounders.


After touring The University of Alabama, I wanted to know what was hype surrounding Rounders Bar on the Strip. To figure out, I conducted student interviews.

Among the 20 students questioned, the following results were the most mentioned reasons for the Rounders "hype."

1. The "Blue Mother-F*****" Drink

Blue Motherfucker

The number one reason students go to rounders was unquestionably for the famous "Blue" Drink offered at the bar. While this drink is served to 21+ students, it is the Caribbean taste that makes the drink so spectacular, including 3 oz Citron vodka, 3 oz Blue Curacao liqueur and 3 oz sweet and sour mix.

2. T-Shirt Tuesday

RoundersUA / Twitter

As seen from the Rounder's Twitter feed, T-Shirt Tuesdays involve discounted drinks and the ability to simply wear a T-shirt and shorts to the bar. Anyone driving down the Strip late on a Tuesday night can see the lines and crowded atmosphere of Rounders, making T-Shirt Tuesdays a Hit!

3. The Boom Boom Room

This video captures it all! From the Electronic Music to Pop Hits, the Boom Boom room is the perfect place to get your rave on. Featuring songs by Illenium to Marshmello, this is the one bar in Tuscaloosa offering a good time to festival-goers.

4. Date Parties

Alpha Gamma Delta Date Party — Winter Wonderland 2019

While Greek life is a large component of campus involvement at The University of Alabama, numerous sororities and fraternities host various events at Rounders. Students especially love the snow effect Rounder's puts on for winter events! If you ever get the option to go to a date party at rounders, don't miss out!

5. The Drink Specials

Bachelor Nights

RoundersUA / Twitter

If these drink specials don't make you want to get over to the Strip, nothing will! Rounders offers tons of drink specials throughout the year, especially on special nights like this past week for the episode of "The Bachelor."

6. The Rooftop Bar

As featured in this tweet by Rounders Bar, the rooftop bar is always bumping and thriving with new music, DJs, and the occasional moshpit! This rooftop is also a great place to grab a beer and watch the sunset or listen to music with friends!

7. VIP Lounge

VIP lounge Rounder's

roundersua / Twitter

If you have ever been to Rounder's you have seen the luxurious VIP lounge area. Featuring bottle service and the perks of being a VIP, many 21st birthdays are celebrated here along with various groups of fraternities. The VIP lounge is a must-do and bucket list item for many UA students.

8. Freshmen Girls

Everyone on campus pretty much knows Rounders is the "freshman" bar, simply because you can get in at 19. With the opportunity for larger crowd, multiple male students responded they love to go "for the freshman girls." While freshman year is wild, crazy and filled with new experiences, it is no wonder freshman flock to Rounders for a good time!

9. Live Music

When entering Rounders, there are three sections to the bar: Live Band Music, The Boom Boom Room, and the Rooftop Bar. The Live Bands that perform offer a different vibe from the rest of the bar, attracting different crowds and people to the first floor. The Live music offered is great for sing-alongs and oldie-but-goodies! You can always find "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Dixieland Delight" playing in this room.

10. Find Love... (or something like that)

Last but not least, the majority of the students interviewed confessed they go to Rounders to get laid. Whether they were a senior or freshman being interviewed, they each said how easy it was to go home with someone if you play your cards right. Unsure if it's the Rounders atmosphere or college kids being college kids, it can be generalized that Rounders is the trending aphrodisiac on the Strip.

While these Top 10 Reasons for going to Rounders Bar in Tuscaloosa prove to be common factors for the bar's success, there are other reasons students go to Rounders, which contributes to the fun and festive college atmosphere. Hopefully, this post makes you want to check out Rounders Bar and the other bars on the Strip while in Tuscaloosa!

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