10 Crazy And Creative Ways To Make S'mores
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10 Ways To Update Your Fav Campfire Snack When You Want S'more S'mores

Modern twists on a classic treat might be just what you need.

10 Ways To Update Your Fav Campfire Snack When You Want S'more S'mores

If there's one snack that sums up summer and fall both, it's probably s'mores. With hoodie and shorts weather (a.k.a. the best weather) comes plenty of campfires and late nights under the open sky. Don't get me wrong, s'mores are a classic and wonderful on their own, but what if they were changed up a little? Plus, what are you supposed to do once it's February, it's 10 degrees outside and all you want is s'mores?

1. Make them in the oven


More commonly known as "Pan O' S'mores," these are perfect for if you can't have a campfire. They're also great for when you inevitably decide you want them here in a few months when it's beyond cold outside.

2. Cookies!


Instead of graham crackers, you could use two chocolate chip cookies to sandwich your lightly toasted marshmallow.

3. Use a Reese's Cup instead of a chocolate bar


I've only tried this a couple times, but it's amazing.

4. Add fruit


I like strawberries, but you could also use raspberries if that's your thing. Basically, you could have next-level chocolate-covered strawberries.

5. Campfire banana splits

While this one isn't technically a s'more, you could still put all the ingredients in it. Campfire banana splits are AMAZING.

6. S'mores bars


If you love gooey chocolate, this one's for you. "S'mores Bars" have the chocolate and marshmallow melting all over you, and I think they're better than the real thing.

7. Caramel squares


I *love* caramel, and I'll take any excuse to add it to a sweet dessert.

8. S'mores cookies

Chelsea Nesvig

Who doesn't love cookies? S'mores cookies are definitely something to check out if you want to combine two of your favorite things. Cookie cups are also a solid plan.

9. Make it "double stuff"


Who said you have to only use one marshmallow?

10. S'mores pie


I might dislike pumpkin pie, but I'm not one to turn down pie that's chocolate. S'mores pie has a lot of variations with some looking like a cookie and some looking like ultimate fluff.

There are so many ways to change s'mores, and the growing number of types of marshmallows out there has contributed to that. Campfire, jumbo, mini, flavored—they've got it all. My favorite is campfire banana splits despite them technically not being s'mores, but to each their own.

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