5 Best Songs From The 5 Best Early Childhood Shows

5 Best Songs From The 5 Best Early Childhood Shows

Sure, Cardi B is great, but you simply can't beat The Wiggles' "Fruit Salad!"


From Hannah Montana all the way back to Barney, get ready to go down a musical memory lane.

1. "Fruit Salad" -The Wiggles

If this isn't a bop, then I don't know what is. It has been fifteen years and I still can't eat fruit salad without singing this in my head.

2. "Nobody's Perfect", Hannah Montana

What do I listen to when I am having a bad day? This, I listen to this.

3. "I love you" -Barney

The world could use this song again- why hasn't it made a comeback?

4. "Dora the Explorer Theme Song" -Dora the Explorer

Dora was way too underrated, and that's a fact.

5. "F.U.N. Song" -Spongebob

Last but not least, I'm leaving you with a song that you're sure to get stuck in your head. You can't deny that this Spongebob tune is the most catchy one out there.

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10 Jonas Brother Songs That Complete The Perfect 2008 Nostalgia Playlist

My prepubescent 12-year-old self is still fangirling.


2019 is the year of the comebacks, with the most infamous one being the Jonas Brothers. My prepubescent 12-year-old self is still fangirling. I never thought the day would come where we would get another bop from the jo bros. In honor of this glorious event, I am counting down their best songs to date.

10. "When You Look Me In The Eyes"

This song is on this list only for my mother's sake. She almost fist fought someone during the burning up a tour and went on a rant because they were not going to play this. (They did for the encore)

9. "Year 3000"

This makes the list as number 9 because it was not only the first song that made me fall in love with them, but it also made me want to buy a Kelly Clarkson album.

8. "Play My Music"

Now granted, this was on the camp rock album it still is one of the best songs in their career. Every time they would play this on the Disney channel I would literally jump out of my seat to dance and pretend I was at their concert.

7. "Pom Poms"

The weak attempt at their first comeback due to creative differences gave us this gem. I will always play this at my cousin's soccer game due to the upbeat vibe and positivity it gives.

6. "Hold On"

This brought me to tears at the tender age of 9, with my imaginary boyfriend.

5. "We Got The Party" ft. Hannah Montana

Sweet Mama, this song is great for a summer day.

4. "Sucker"

This second attempt at a comeback was so much better than the first. This song is definitely the song of the summer.

3. "Lovebug"

This really put me in my bag and still does in 2019.

2. "S.O.S"

Kevin's dance to this made everything.

1. "Burning Up"

This was the first rap I memorized and is the most iconic song of 2008.

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