5 Best Songs From The 5 Best Early Childhood Shows

5 Best Songs From The 5 Best Early Childhood Shows

Sure, Cardi B is great, but you simply can't beat The Wiggles' "Fruit Salad!"


From Hannah Montana all the way back to Barney, get ready to go down a musical memory lane.

1. "Fruit Salad" -The Wiggles

If this isn't a bop, then I don't know what is. It has been fifteen years and I still can't eat fruit salad without singing this in my head.

2. "Nobody's Perfect", Hannah Montana

What do I listen to when I am having a bad day? This, I listen to this.

3. "I love you" -Barney

The world could use this song again- why hasn't it made a comeback?

4. "Dora the Explorer Theme Song" -Dora the Explorer

Dora was way too underrated, and that's a fact.

5. "F.U.N. Song" -Spongebob

Last but not least, I'm leaving you with a song that you're sure to get stuck in your head. You can't deny that this Spongebob tune is the most catchy one out there.

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12 Reasons We Late '90s Babies Are Our Own Generation

We aren't part of the "TikTok"-ing 2000s kids, but we aren't brunching 24/7 with the true '90s kids, either.


Being born between 1997 and 2000 puts you in a very odd point, culturally/generationally. We late '90s babies are technically considered to be a part of Generation Z, a generation born between 1995 and 2015.

Our generation has been dubbed as the "iGeneration" due to our savvy technological abilities and not knowing a life without smartphones. However, for us late '90s babies, we know that is not true. We're in that weird group of kids who grew up in a time when the latest technologies were born, not the other way around.

For those who don't know what I'm saying, here are some examples.

1. We remember life without smartphones.

We grew up without a cell phone until we were at least in middle school. If we had a cell phone before then, it was most likely a flip phone. For my seven-year-old nephew who is included in Generation Z, he has grown up not knowing what a flip phone is. The Razor or Sidekicks were among the most popular for us early Gen Z-ers.

2. We used landline phones and had “house phones.”

It was the only way to ask your friends to hang out back in the day! There was no such thing as Snapchatting or texting your friends when you wanted to hang out. You actually had to call on a phone that connected to your house (that others could pick up and listen to…). The horrors!

3. Blockbuster was the best place on Earth and movies on Netflix arrived in the mail.

During our middle school and early high school years, the excitement of downloading Netflix as an app on a game console or mobile device entered our lives. Before then, Blockbuster was the glorious land of all movies. The scent of my local Blockbuster still haunts me to this day.

4. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube defined our cringey middle and high school days.

We all had these at some point.

These three social media sites just started out during our early teen years, which meant we could document all of our cringey, over-edited photo years.

5. The struggle of burning disks and carrying around CD players was real.

There were days where I would sit in my room, stack up my CDs, and play them on my CD player for hours. If one skipped or the CD didn't burn right, it was as if my elementary life had ended. Younger kids in our generation don't even know how to work a CD player.

6. After a few years of that, we had to carry an iPod and a flip phone.

Yes. There used to be days when even us Generation Z kids couldn't have our music and our phones in one place. Trying to shove both an iPod and a flip phone in your pocket was a struggle.

7. We watched old school Disney/Nickelodeon shows, but also watched some of the newer shows that those younger than us consider their “throwbacks.”

These dancing lobsters will forever have a special place in my heart.

Some of our faves were "Lizzie McGuire," "Rugrats," and "All That," but we also enjoyed later Disney and Nickelodeon shows like "Hannah Montana," "iCarly," and "Victorious." (There are so many more I could list, but I will stop there). We really had an amazing childhood, especially in terms of television.

8. “Limited Too” turned into “Justice” right before our eyes.

This was a dream set for us Limited Too regulars.

I can remember the day my friend and I went to the mall and saw the changing of signs. From that moment on, that store was never the same. Long live the days of Limited Too!

9. The outdoors was our go-to place of entertainment as children, not smartphones.

I would attempt to build flower/nature arches like this. Key word attempt.

Older people tend to frown upon our generation for not growing up in the outdoors, but that is far from the truth for us early Gen Z-ers. We know how to entertain ourselves and provide for others without the need for smartphones. It's probably the one main difference between us late '90's kids and the later Generation Z kids.

10. AIM was still a thing while we were growing up.

AIM was the highlight of some of our days. We could make custom chat backgrounds, ridiculous usernames, and talk about whoever we wanted with our BFF in some secret code we thought was only ours. I truly feel bad for the younger Generation Z kids who will never experience such a fun form of communication.

11. Kodak cameras used to be a must, but then we learned the ways of having one in our pocket 24/7.

If we wanted to take a selfie or a cute pic of our friends, we had to use a Kodak camera and get the photos developed. There was no such thing as having a camera in our pocket until we were in middle school or high school. Younger Gen Z kids will never know life before the heavily-filtered Snapchat days. Today Kodak cameras may be used for *aesthetics,* but it was a necessity in our early childhood.

12. Computers grew up with us.

This could be said in every generation the computer is well-known in, but we truly grew with the advances of computers. We experienced them only being able to play games or type messages. Over the years, we have been able to see all the incredible advances the Internet and the computer has provided.

While every generation has that group of kids who are in between on the generation scale, us late '90's babies are tired of hearing the same assumptions about an entire group of kids who grew up in a completely different setting than others. The late Gen-Z kids will never experience life without smartphones, computers, or easy-access information, while us early Gen-Z kids know how to do both. Our ability to live both lifestyles may save us one day. You never know!

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7 Reasons Everyone Who Grew Up In The '90s Needs To See 'Captain Marvel'

Nostalgia comes and packs a punch!


The latest Marvel action flick, "Captain Marvel," just dropped last week and it's been getting a lot of traction in the news for various reasons. From trolls posting a negative review to the main star, Brie Larson, wanting to make sure the press tour for the movie was all inclusive. Whatever the case may be, you can't deny the opening weekend numbers. The movie earned $153 million domestically and $302 million overseas for a worldwide opening weekend of $455 million.

Now, the movie has it's issues and personally, I would have much rather enjoyed this superhero buddy-cop film after Avengers: Endgame (due out April 26th). But I am trying to trust Marvel Studios in their decision with this lineup. With that in mind, there was a ton of nostalgia that was presented in the film that made a lot of 90s girls hearts soar through the movie.

*Note, you may come across some spoilers for the movie from here on out, so read at your own risk!

So why should girls who grew up in the 90s see "Captain Marvel?"

1. Blockbuster Video? Yup!

The fact that one of the first scenes on Earth is when our hero literally crashes through the roof of a Blockbuster Video brings us to our attention! Anyone who remembers the 90s, remembers Blockbuster. It was the place to go for video rentals. In this scene which only lasted a few minutes, they recreated the store perfectly. Complete with VHS tapes and cardboard cutouts of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

2. Band tees and close cropped dos were a staple of the time. 


Larson dons a '90s Nine Inch Nails T-shirt as co-star Samuel L. Jackson rocks a close-cropped 'do from the same period.

3. Speaking of band tees, the music in the movie definitely sent us back to the 90's with several hits.

Gwen Stefani Punk GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Salt-N-Pepa, En Vogue, and TLC were several artists that were featured in the movie. But it was No Doubt who scored the final fight scene on Mar-Vell's ship to "Just A Girl" and it is pretty cool.

4. Internet Cafés and Dial-Up


Several scenes aided us the confines of the internet and what all people went through in 1995. One scene where Carol goes into an internet café features her sitting at a computer and loading up AltaVista, predating Google, in the search engine game. Another scene later in the movie showed us how long it took things to load and connect to the internet through dial-up. It made us all who grew up with the agony laugh, and nod saying, "Yes! This is exactly how it felt."

5. Beepers and pagers!

I remember my sister having one of these and couldn't wait to get one. Unfortunately, by the time I came of age to have one, they were already out of date. Oh, the times!

6. Goose!

Captain Marvel Cat GIF by Marvel Studios - Find & Share on GIPHY

Okay, I know growing up in the 90s doesn't exclusively mean you loved cats, but c'mon! This cute little feline stole the show from the moment we laid eyes upon them in the posters and we were wrapped around its furry little paw. Just like Jackson's character, Fury, we came to love scenes where Goose was a part of.

Maria Rambeau's friendship. 

Twitter: @archivecaptain / Via Twitter: @archivecaptain

7. The determination and will!

This movie shows several instances of people (and aliens alike) underestimating and holding Carol Danvers back in the things she did and her life. A part of this movie showed that our heroine was more than "just a female," or more than "just a smile and good looks." It showed us her vulnerability in trying to figure out who she was and is. It showed us the strength to get back up and keep going despite all odds and haters. What was even better? That when she finally accepted and embraced herself, she was an unstoppable - MARVELOUS force.

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