Cat owners all know that cats are... odd, especially when it comes to their playtime habits. It seems like every other toy I buy for my cat, she's uninterested in. Instead, she likes to play with these things that are laying around my apartment (and that she somehow gets ahold of).

Save money on cat toys by offering your feline pal one of these goodies.

1. Hair ties


This is my cat's latest favorite. I don't know what it is about hair ties, but she's chasing them around the apartment all day and night. Maybe she's thinking she'll grow a full head of hair and she's making a stock pile of them.

Either way, she wants all the hair ties and scrunchies.

2. Plastic spoons


When you order a milkshake at a fast food restaurant and they give you a plastic spoon that you're unlikely to use, instead of tossing it straight into the recycling bin, toss it to your cat.

It will crinkle, which cats like. It's lightweight and easy to play with, too.

3. Receipts


These are crinkly goodies for cats, too, and you no doubt have receipts you don't need. Crumple it up into a ball and watch your cat become enthralled.

4. Balled up socks


Why pay for a ball for your cat when you can just ball up old socks that they'll play with even more?

5. Plastic or paper grocery bags


If you're looking for a way to reuse the plastic grocery bags, here's an option. My cat likes to climb inside them and swat them around the room like a ball. Again, with the crinkly-ness, cats are drawn to them.

6. Cardboard boxes


Everyone knows cats like cardboard boxes, but in case you forgot, next time you get a package from Amazon and they throw it in that box that's much too large for what you ordered, keep the box for your cat.

7. Pens/pencils


Pen out of ink? Pencil out of lead?

Don't throw it away! Offer it to your cat instead.

8. Other hair accessories


Headbands and bobby pins are more things that my cat likes to steal and play with until I find them.

9. Empty pill/water bottles


These roll around nicely and are light enough for cats to lift easily. Throw something inside if you want to be fancy and have it make noise (like a few dry beans or rice).

10.  Anything


Honestly, cats can find a way to play with almost anything. I am always so surprised with the things my cat decides are her new favorite toys, and I am sure she will surprise me again.

There you have it folks: 10 things you can give your cat as a toy instead of buying actual toys.