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12 Best Disney Pixar Movies

They're not just for kids.

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With The Incredibles 2 just released, I thought it would be a good idea to list the best Disney Pixar movies, in my opinion. Some of the movies on this list will be from before Disney bought Pixar, but I am going to include them anyway. This list is in so particular order and not all of the Disney Pixar movies will have made it onto the list. This list is entirely my opinion.

1. Monsters Inc.


I love this movie. Some parts of this movie are so relatable and really hits the feels. I love how they are monsters but are able to love humans, even when they are supposed to be scaring them.

2. Monsters University


So. Relatable. This movie basically summed up my college experience. The prequel to the amazing first movie was a huge hit and I really relate to every single one of the characters in this movie.

3. Finding Nemo


Every time I watch this movie it feels like it's the first time. From the "MINE" seagulls to the sharks that don't eat fish to Darla, what's not to love? I could watch this movie over and over again and never get bored.

4. Finding Dory


First, Ellen Degeneres. Second, baby Dory. What's not to love? The sequel to the amazing first movie did great in theaters and had so many aww moments I really couldn't contain myself. Also, adorable otters. Must I say more?

5. UP


Any movie that can create the greatest love story in 15 minutes and hit all the feels has my vote. This movie is so quotable and I just love it so much. The characters are amazing and who doesn't love talking dogs?

6. Inside Out


All of the feels, literally. I cannot get over how good this movie was and how they were able to hit the nail on the head and turn emotions into characters. This movie definitely opened a lot of doors and I cannot wait to see if Disney Pixar does something else with this ongoing idea.

7. The Incredibles


In honor of the second one coming out, I had to put the first one on this list. This movie is so relatable when it comes to family struggles, even if your family does not have superpowers and fight evil. This movie will always hold a special place in my heart and I really cannot wait to see the second one and see what the Incredible family is up to.



This has to be my all-time favorite Disney Pixar movie. WALL-E is just so cute and I love that he tries to build a romance between himself and EVE.

9. Toy Story


The first movie in a series is always the best. This really sets the scene for the rest of the series and I love that the struggle between the toys is portrayed so well and you are really able to feel what they are going through even if you have not experienced it yourself.

10. Toy Story 2


There is so much love from me to this movie. There's just something about it that makes me love it so much. I love Jessie and I love the connection that she has to Andy and Woody through the fan theories that have arisen.

11. Toy Story 3


All the feels. Having just had gone to my first year of college as well, I relate to this movie so much. I really feel for Andy and having to leave all my toys behind, even the most beloved ones that I might not play with anymore but still cherish. I also just made a huge donation where I got rid of a lot of my toys so I definitely feel all the feels when watching this movie.

12. Ratatouille


I love the message that is given off by this movie. "Anyone can cook." And that is so true. You really do not need a lot of experience or fancy tools or gadgets to cook. This movies hits you right in the feels and I love how the message of the movie is conveyed not just to humans, but animals as well, which is a different take on the meaning.

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