11 Discontinued Ben & Jerry's Flavors That Need To Make A Comeback
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11 Discontinued Ben & Jerry's Flavors That Need To Make A Comeback

After this year, we deserve all the sweet treats.

11 Discontinued Ben & Jerry's Flavors That Need To Make A Comeback

This year has been a crazy year because of the global pandemic and the national presidential election. One way I have been coping with the pandemic is definitely through my love of food, especially desserts. As someone who has one of the biggest "sweet tooths," I was able to research Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors that have been discontinued in the hopes they'll bring them back.

Overall, after what we all experienced this year, we deserve a sweet something to come out of this year including more unique ice cream flavors so we can all eat our feelings as we reflect on what of a mess this year has been. (Oh, and if you want to really make a difference, you can ask for a flavor to be "resurrected" by clicking on the flavor's name.)

1. Schweddy Balls

Coming in at number one is retired flavor, schweddy balls, not only for its name but also because it was based on a classic "Saturday Night Live" sketch. This ice cream consisted of vanilla ice cream with chocolate malt balls and mixed with fudge-covered rum.

2. Fresh Georgia Peach

All that needs to be said is just imagine the fresh georgia peach flavored ice cream on a hot summer day.

3. Urban Jumble

This ice cream has everything anyone can ask for including coconut ice cream swirled with chocolate ice cream adding white and dark chocolate pieces, pecans, and almonds inside.

4. Miz Jelena's Sweet Potato Pie

People love sweet potato pie over Thanksgiving, so why not have it in an ice cream flavor? It's definitely unique and unexpected. This ice cream flavor consists of ginger-flavored ice cream with fudge.

5. Cool Britannia

This retired ice cream flavor includes vanilla ice cream mixed in with strawberries and fudge-covered shortbread pieces.

6. Wild Maine Blueberry

Again, the world needs more fruit flavored ice cream and unique flavors such as this one.

7. Tennessee Mud

Honestly, since I can't go out to bars anymore because of COVID-19, Ben & Jerry's should bring back this ice cream flavor consisting of coffee ice cream and amaretto with Jack Daniels whiskey and almonds.

8. White Russian

Another alcoholic beverage inspired ice cream flavor consisting of coffee ice cream mixed with Kahlua.

9. Economic Crunch

Truthfully, I just like the name again of this vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate covered almonds, pecans and walnuts.

10. Purple Passion Fruit

This ice cream flavor gives us raspberries, blackberries, and passion fruit sorbet, which sounds like a refreshing fruity flavor that everyone will love.

11. This is Nuts

2020 has been nuts so might as well bring back this ice cream flavor consisting of chocolate and pistachio ice cream with fudge-covered almonds and pistachios.

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