9 St. Louis Date Ideas For That Special Someone... Or Even That Tinder Date
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9 St. Louis Date Ideas For That Special Someone... Or Even That Tinder Date

"I wonder how bad this awkward first date will be.."

9 St. Louis Date Ideas For That Special Someone... Or Even That Tinder Date
Maddi Stauffer

Just like me a stuck planning a fun date night idea? Surprising that significant other? Or even "wowing" that one Tinder Date? Ditch the ole dinner and a movie and explore the own backyard or playground of the 314! St. Louis offers so many extravagant ideas for that special someone. Whether that be the unique restaurants or the on-the-go ideas, it's all in one place for your convenience.

1. Delmar Loop

Take a stroll on the star-encrusted sidewalks and go and find that 'Nelly' star. Catch a show in the famous Blueberry Hill. Be amazed by St. Louis's very own soda bottling company, Fitz's. Throw it back to the 1980's with a good ole record disc from Vintage Vinyl. Late night sweet tooth? Check out Insomnia Cookies or Snow Factory Rolled Ice Cream. Wanna get out of your comfort zone? Dive into the countless different cultural options you have in one place. Who would wanna go to the Loop?

2. Pieces: The St. Louis Board Game Bar & Cafe

Bring out your competitive side at Pieces! With over 700 different games to choose from, you could spend hours, if not days here with that special someone. Enjoy that morning coffee and a scone with a classic game of Pictionary or even UNO. What if you're alone, you ask? The single-player games are always available at your convenience or the bartenders are always looking for a competitor.

3. Moolah Theatre and Lounge

OK, I lied. Let's go catch a movie at Moolah's and even a bite to eat? This multi-million dollar renovation is now home to an 8-lane bowling alley and single-screened movie room for your enjoyment. But hey, don't forget the countless amount of hours spent on the arcade games and pool tables. This place even has a bar and grill to entertain guest after the blockbuster flix.

4. Rooster

Check out the "Best Breakfast in Missouri" at Rooster on South Grand. Grab that special someone for a mid-morning brunch with mimosas and bloody mary's...but don't forget the scrumptious crepes. This family style restaurant is perfect for a cute little outing with friends or again, that special someone for that Sunday brunch.

5. Ted Drewes

Why don't you indulge in your personal sweet tooth with the award-winning Ted Drewes custard? The famous Mr. Ted Drewes started his business by selling Christmas trees and custard, now who doesn't like Christmas and custard? Ted Drewes has two locations, but the same famous and fantastic ice cream or custard. Try my personal favorite the "Cookie Sandwich" or "All Shook Up".

6. City Museum

Bringing out the child in you, City Museum lets you explore the monstrous caves and the outdoor jungle gym. Feeling even more adventurous with your date? Explore the rooftop with the Ferris wheel or the dangling bus over the side of the building. This 600,000 square foot old shoe factory is now turned into a playground for from children to adults for your creative enjoyment side. This thrill-seeking date includes an aquarium, gift shop, and a cute little cafe, neverminding the two planes and bus on the rooftop. Or even explore the 10 story slide in the caves that once was a slide for the shoes to go down.

7. Crown Candy Kitchen

Being the oldest and most famous attraction in North St. Louis, Crown Candy Kitchen was opened in 1913 with making chocolate in their own shop. What says Valentine's Day like some chocolate candy for your sweetheart? Why don't you satisfy your appetite with a thickly-stacked BLT and a nice cold malt from the locally famous kitchen? Don't forget the souvenirs on your way out with the simple t-shirt or even some more candy.

8. Twisted Ranch

Like the name of the restaurant, Twisted Ranch offers an extravagant amount of different ranch. Whether you're feeling the BBQ or a cheesy bacon version, they have plenty of ranches to your enjoyment. To be exact, there are 27 different types of ranch you can dip your fries or the original chicken tenders they have. Try the dinner menu with food, ranging from the loaded tots or Ranch this Country Fight 13 with 13 different types of the famous ranch with fries to enjoy.

9. Soulard Farmer's Market

The name says it all. The famous Soulard Farmer's Market is a bunch of vendors from all over selling fruits, veggies, and plenty more for you to browse. These vendors include local farmers, home decor, florist, pet shops, and a general meat market. But this special tradition is open to the public only Wednesday through Saturday. Now, who wouldn't wanna bring her special some for some gorgeous flowers and chocolate covered strawberries.

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