If you've ever been to Greenville, NC, chances are you've seen a little joint on the corner called Sup Dogs. If you're a current ECU student or graduated from there (like I did), then you've likely spent a ton of time hanging out there; sippin' on some cheap beer and eating your body weight in tots. Recently, though, our little college bar has been gaining some national attention. This happened after it won first place in a twitter competition, hosted by 5th Year and Barstool Sports, to find the best college bar in America.

The competition used a bracket system to pit 64 different college bars against one another. By the end of it all, Sup Dogs was the winner, beating Champs Downtown in Pennsylvania by about 400 votes for the victory.

While it's awesome to have a victory like that for our college town, what's even more awesome about the entire experience is the way the community corralled together to ensure Sup Dog's victory.

Not only were local people sharing their personal stories about the restaurant, but some big names came out of the woodwork, too, including Greenville-native Mr. Beast, a YouTuber who currently has 17 million subscribers.

Overall, I think this win not only reflects how great of a spot Sup Dogs is but also how great of a community Greenville is. No matter what it is, residents and ECU students alike will band together to showcase how awesome our city is, and how much we think it deserves recognition.

It's awesome that Sup Dogs has been named the best college bar in America, and it makes me proud to call ECU my alma mater.