Best Breakfast Food

The simple yet so complex breakfast staple, the pancake will forever be my favorite food. There is such a large variety of different pancakes you can make from the classic chocolate chip to pancakes with bacon or cookie dough in them! There are even alternative healthy pancakes you can make with just bananas, oatmeal, and eggs for all us health nuts out there.

There is no comparing pancakes to any other breakfast food because they will take the cake every time!


That first bite into a pancake smothered in syrup is nothing but perfect.


Amazing is an understatement when describing pancakes.

N-utritious... if fruit is added

If you love pancakes like I do but want to stay living a healthy lifestyle there are a number of ways to make pancakes nutritious. Pro tip: use bananas, oatmeal, and eggs to make a healthy alternative pancake.


Pancake art is remarkable! If you are an artistic person, definitely give it a try!


If you don't see pancakes and automatically want to shove them down your throat, you need to go see a doctor!


This man has some serious pancake flipping skills and he is KICKASS!


Even just the smell of pancakes gets me craving them every time.


Pancakes are the sexiest food out there! Just try and prove me wrong.

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