The 27 Best Apps For College Students
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27 Apps College Students Need To Keep Their Lives From Falling Apart More Than They Already Are

Or at least distract us from our crumbling self-esteem and grades.

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Austin Goodwin

I always ask myself how people did college before smartphones existed. Honestly, the horrors of our college years now would probably be ten times worse without all of this technology. Still, of the thousands of apps out in the world, these 27 apps (sort of) keep us from crying ourselves to sleep at night. Get ready for your world to be shooketh.

Google Calendar


If you haven't heard of Google Calendar, you probably live under a rock. The ability to sync with any mobile device and computer makes this planning and reminder app seamless to use on any device. Color coding is cool too.


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Spotify– clutch for pre-created and shareable playlists every week, and you get Hulu and Showtime for $4.99 a month. It makes you say, "Why not?"

AdWeek (for Marketing, Advertising, & PR Students)

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If you're in the advertising and PR world, AdWeek is like the Wall Street Journal of the industry (and it's totally worth the subscription).



One of the few weather apps that is accurate and doesn't bombard you with ads 24/7.


iTunes Store

You're riding in a car with your friends and a song comes on that they all start singing to but you don't know, what do you do? Fake it until you make it by using audio recognition with Genius to find the lyrics and pretend like you're slyly texting and singing along. True story.

Google Docs

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Class projects. Working from your phone. An unlimited cloud to back up your work so you can work on any device with internet access. Collaboration. Google Docs is a necessity.


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All college students should create a LinkedIn and start connecting ASAP. It's like Facebook for professionalism, as well as the ultimate online resume platform. It's amazing for scoring connections at companies for internships too!


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Odds are, you'll have down time after the test you failed and before the test you're going to fail. Instead of cramming, Netflix two hours of your time away with binge-worthy shows in the palm of your hand.


Named after the U.S. Mint, it helps you keep track of your budget, bills, credit score, and just about anything financial you could imagine. Major for #adulting.


Qapital is a goal-oriented savings app linked with your accounts so you can set specific "rules" for saving.

Hooked Deals

Hooked offers time-sensitive deals from local restaurants (sometimes bars). While the deals are hit and miss, sometimes you can get a good half off or BOGO deal, so it's great to get a friend to tag along with and save some money.

Week Plan

Week Plan

One of many planning apps on this list, Week Plan syncs with your Google or Outlook accounts. What makes it different? Week Plan is more day-to-day oriented for segmenting your time with goals.


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If you don't know how to do it, YouTube. If you're bored and want to go down a rabbit hole, YouTube. If you have a favorite online personality or celebrity, YouTube. Oh, and if someone tells you to go to YouTube, you might want the app.



Unidays helps verify your student status to find official student discounts from retailers and restaurants.


Evident in the name, Sweatcoin turns your steps into virtual currency to be redeemed for a variety of things. You have to walk, so you might as well make money doing it.


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Track your meals with MyFitnessPal so you can understand your calorie and macro/micronutrient breakdown. You can make plans, account for workouts, and sync with social media to track your progress with fitness and health.


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"Thanks for coming to my TED talk" probably wouldn't have much meaning if you don't watch TED talks. If you want your faith restored in humanity and need to feel intelligent for a short period of time, make watching TED a habit.

iPhone Reminders


There's a reason certain apps are built into the iPhone. No matter what, the reminders app is always dependable for getting reminded about tasks and events where other apps might fail to do so.


A play on "to do list," Todoist is just that– an organized and categorized list-creating app to help organize your life. Although you must pay premium for reminders, the baseline app is a go-to for making quick and organized notes on the go.

Plant Nanny

An app that reminds you to drink water and has a little virtual plant that you help grow? This is 2018.


If you're in any kind of math or science classes, Chegg is a must. There are completed homework assignments on there to guide you through learning problems, and the textbook selection is pretty solid.


Let's say you're walking through Target and you see a cool bottle of wine, but you want to know how well it's rated. Vivino has a vast wine database to help you find the right wine at the right price (and make you a low-key wine connoisseur).

Google Sheets/Slides

The whole Google library is essential for the on-the-go college student. Organizations and clubs will always require roster sheets, sign-ups, and presentations. Having to open up a browser and try to remember your password to work on these is a problem, which is solved by having these apps handy.


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Splitting a pizza? Paying the light bill? Buying a concert ticket? Venmo is good for sending money for anything. Link it to your bank account and you get free transfers, or have it immediately transferred to a card for a flat fee. There's even a Venmo card now, just to make things easier. It's like Facebook... you don't have to use it, but you should have it.

Tip Yourself

It's self explanatory– any time you feel accomplished or you did something worthy, use Tip Yourself to transfer a small amount of money from your checking to savings. This is where your good karma literally adds up!


Sign up for the rewards program. Watch your pizza progress. Some colleges even have their campus cash programs approved for use by Domino's. Again, you didn't know you needed it until you get it.


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Honestly, Amazon is the best and worst app available. It's the best if you have self-control and you're savvy. It's the worst if you're impulsive and bored. Choose wisely.

Good luck to everyone struggling out here with me. Hopefully, things just got a little bit easier for you.

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