Cartoons are restricted by birth year

Let's face it, a majority of people born in the mid to late 90s throw a FIT when anyone born after December 31, 1999, relates to something they also relate to. Especially when it comes to tv shows, songs, toys, etc. In all honesty, us 2000s kids get just as annoyed because WE ALL GREW UP ON THE SAME THINGS! So what, you were born slightly ahead of me? That's perfectly fine when I can quote the same cartoons you can.

1. ChalkZone

This is the ONLY reason I would wake up early on the weekends even as a child.

2. Teen Titans

Anyone who thinks "Teen Titans Go!" is better... why?? Who hurt you???

3. Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Me running into summer head first without my summer bod I swore I would have... oops.

4. Powerpuff Girls

5. Dexter's Lab

If Dr. Sheppard's son was a cartoon character, this is how I imagine him starting the day.

6. Recess

7. The Magic School Bus

I wish you would try to lie to yourself and pretend you didn't hear those words in your head.

8. Dragon Tales

9. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

10. CatDog

The OG frienemies.

11. Rocket Power

12. Courage the Cowardly Dog

13. Johnny Bravo

This is the level of self confidence I hope to reach in my lifetime!

14. Danny Phantom

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