It's Sunday. You live in Bergen County, NJ. You want to go to the mall or to a nearby retailer to buy clothes, hardware, or electronics. Except for the fact you cant cause of a law that prevents people in the county from going to places such as grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment places (ie: movie theaters, bowling alleys, ice skating rinks), also known as Blue Laws. Now you have to travel further, just to do some shopping. Here are reasons why the county should abolish Blue Laws.

1. Ruins business.

Every retailer closed that day would be able to make more money and wouldn't have to loose out on sales.

2. They're the only NJ county that still has them

Out of the 21 counties in the state, Bergen is the only one that still has them, making it unfair to the people residing in its communities

3. Causes people to travel More

Nobody wants to spend extra money on gas to drive to retailer a half hour away when one is closeby

4. Doesn't do anything original.

Sunday was known as a family day. Currently, people do more than just spend time with family on Sunday. They go shopping as well. Some families even go shopping together. This creates more family time.

5. Generates more mileage on Cars

When people travel further to shop, in addition to losing gas, they gain more mileage.

6. People residing in the county would be happier

Many residents residing in its communities, already pay high taxes. Some have high mortgages as well. Not being able to shop at most places on Sunday, adds more to the situation, making it more upsetting.

7. Would give employees a chance to make up any missed days

Having to miss work six other days a week can be a challenge when you know you cant work the seventh one. If the laws were lifted, requesting days off would be less stressful since people would have the opportunity to work on a Sunday.

8. Employees would make more money if all Bergen County retailers were open on Sundays.

Employees would be able to work more hours and some might even have the opportunity to receive time and a half.

9. Those that are open would receive more business

Since retailers that are open then can only sell certain items, if the laws were abolished, they would be able to sell everything on their shelves. This would generate more crowds and better business. 1

10. Gives people another opportunity to be more social

Lets face it, who does'nt enjoy running into somebody you know while shopping. It's always a great time considering it's when people do the most catching up besides at a restaurant or club.