Why Being A Bookworm Is A Good Thing
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78 Reasons Being A Notorious Bookworm Is Actually A GOOD THING

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

78 Reasons Being A Notorious Bookworm Is Actually A GOOD THING
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When I was little, I used to hate reading. I am not sure why. It was probably because my parents wanted me to read as much as they did. It wasn't until junior high that I started to enjoy reading. With this new age of technology, we have access to all kinds of books. There are things like kindles, nooks, and audiobooks. I still prefer a physical book in my hand, but needless to say there are many ways to gain access to books. I love reading, but I feel like there aren't as many people reading nowadays. So, here are some reasons why you should start reading ASAP if you don't already.

1. Because you can.

2. With a library card, you have access to unlimited free information.

3. If you ever have a question, there is a book with an in-depth answer.

4. It enhances your imagination.

5. You are less depressed when you read.

Have you ever heard of bibliotherapy?

6. You are less stressed when you read.

Again, bibliotherapy...

7. You get to go on different adventures. 

8. You can ignore real people.

9. You learn new things.

10. There's always a fandom behind a book. You can make new friends.

11. You can share your knowledge with others.

12. You grow better analytical skills.

13. You'll have an amazing personal library by the age of 60.

14. You will get a creativity boost.

15. You will develop emotionally by going through way too many emotions when you read fiction.

16.  You learn from fictional characters' mistakes.

17. It will enrich your vocabulary.

18. You read faster the more you read.

19. There's always more to read, indefinite content.

20. With the right book, you can never be bored.

21. Your writing skills will become better.

22. You will get inspired by the characters. 

23. You never run out of topics to learn.

24. You become smarter.

25. There is no way you will feel alone with a book.

26. You'll see how much better the book is compared to the movie.

27. You'll have role models.

28. You understand yourself better by analyzing the characters' behaviour.

29. Books don't have to be expensive if you know where to find them.

30. You can always bring a book with you as a "don't annoy me" statement.

31. You will gain random knowledge about topics that you never thought to learn about.

32. You will gain new interests in new stuff.

33. You'll have infinite sources for new fictional crushes!

34. You'll have your own little world for each book and get excited when you meet someone who knows the book.

35. Looking for company? Look around the bookstore and see who has a book you have read or who is in the aisle of the genre you like.

36. You'll get advice from fictional characters.

37. You will laugh a lot.

38. You will feel alive!

39. You can learn new languages by reading.

40. You can get inspired by the characters to pick up a new skill or improve one you already have.

41. You will sweep people off of their feet with how many books you have read.

42. Reading is better than doing something dangerous.

43. You will always have two places where you know you can be calm and meet new people: the library and the bookstore.

44. You'll be more open minded.

45. Eventually you'll think/realize that no soul in real life has all the boxes checked for your dating preferences.

46. Reading makes you wonder and ask questions. You become curious.

47. Basically you have a constant weapon on you. 

Think: Snape hitting Ron with a book.

48. Books are magical portals that allow you to have friends in your imagination and reality because there is at least one person who went through the same rollercoaster as you.

49. There's always more to the universe an author created and you can read fanfcition and headcanons. 

50. For the nonfiction readers, there are always articles.

51. Your parents will be glad you're safe and probably proud because you read.

52. If you read classics or know about them, even a bit, you become sophisticated. *Snaps fingers*

53. You develop the ability to tell which book is written well and which book is not.

54. You always gain something from a book. A laugh, an idea, new crush etc.

55. It's impossible not to be excited constantly when you get a new book.

56. Reading helps you forget your problems.

57. Every quote that impressed you becomes a rule you live by.

58. You feel relaxed when you read.

59. After reading a book you might start having a weakness for that universe ad you will get stuff related to it like unique bookmarks from Etsy or special jewelry.  

60. Everyone will know what to get you for every single event that requires a gift. 

61. You become the official ambassador of suggestions when someone wants to read something new.

62. You'll find your twin in one of those books. A character that reminds you of you and they become a part of your heart.

63. Your mind is stimulated by reading, you'll crave more.

64. You enjoy your own person and spending time with yourself. Yes, quality time!

65. It's amazing to be a bookworm.

66. There are some funny memes about reading and stories that you won't get if you don't read.

67. The headcanons of the books you like make you giggle.

68. You will have new things to say.

69. Every person has their own unique perspective of a book/book universe so it's nice to read about them.

70. You become more accepting of others and their views.

71. Your ability to ingnore others will be at its peak because your concentration improves when you read.

72. There are pocket-sized books so you can ignore people on the go too.

73. You get into a routine where you spend time with yourself.

74. Your memory improves.

75. People will leave you alone most of the time if they see that you are reading.

76. Everyone starts to respect you when they know you are reading. You get some kind of holy aura from them.

77. Why not? Give it a chance.

78. Because you will love it!

There are SO MANY benefits when it comes to reading. It's hard to dispute that after I gave you 78 reasons why you should read. Even if there are a few you don't agree with, there are still many more to pick from.

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