I have always been an advocate for yoga. It's an escape from the everyday stresses of college, work, or just life in general. There are many benefits to practicing yoga, but here's a list of five of them!

1. Flexibility

The more you practice yoga, the more flexible you will become. Stretching your body in new ways will allow it to move in new ways. Watch out because you'll become the next human pretzel!

2. Strength


Who would've known that the more you practice yoga, the stronger you will become? Building strength is one of the key elements of yoga. Yoga requires your arms, legs, and body as a whole to be pushed to the limit, which in turn makes you even stronger.

3. Mental health

Yoga requires you to create harmony between your body and your mind. Mental health improves tremendously after doing yoga because of this harmony. It helps to reduce stress and improve mental clarity, which all in all improves your mental health.

4. Posture


Staying on a continuous schedule of yoga can help improve your posture tremendously. You won't have as much back pain, and you'll have more motivation to accomplish more tasks!

5. Abs and obliques

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, you can get abs from doing yoga. Some yoga positions make you work your abs and obliques, which help make your abs look more like the ones above!

To find a place to do yoga, check out gyms and rec centers near you. Also, you can do yoga in your own home! There are many Youtube channels and websites that have yoga tips and tricks, and some that have full-length classes online! Some of my favorites are "Yoga With Adrienne" and "PopSugar Fitness."

Happy yoga-ing!!