The aftermath of Robert Bentley's resignation amid heated accusations of sexual and monetary misconduct continues to get stranger and more convoluted by the day. Former Alabama judge Roy Moore has announced his run for the US Senate as of April 26, 2017.

Moore is a strong voice for the Republican right, opposing abortion, marriage equality, and civil liberties while upholding a thoroughly Christian perspective. His religious dogma makes him a dangerous voice for Evangelical groups. Moore continues to hold these beliefs closely to his heart, believing that the constitution and God's will are one in the same. God, he says, governs all.

The 'Ten Commandments Judge' has been a source of ongoing controversy for years. He has been cloaked in claims of violating Alabama's judiciary ethics. He even gained somewhat of a celebrity status after marriage equality was legalized nationwide for his appraisal of judges refusing to uphold the federal order, going further in 2016 and demanding that lower court judges refuse to issue any marriage licenses despite the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling. He invoked yet more controversy for his infamous Ten Commandments monument, erected in 2001 and debated heatedly.

To be frank, his dogmatic beliefs are frightening to anyone with moderate tendencies or liberal views. He has made it very clear that his loyalties lie with God-- not the people of Alabama. His moral code is constructed strictly of archaic views, and he has proven to be a martyr for those beliefs. He's lost his seat more than once for his refusal to acknowledge that church and state are, indeed, separate.

His announcement left plenty to be desired by Alabama's public. He touted off quotes about morality. "Our families are being crippled by divorce and abortion," he claimed. Moore said the would, "stand up for the rights and liberties of not only the state, but of its people as well." Questions about education were deflected into warbled speech about the constitution, never addressing Alabama's flawed education infrastructure. Education is not "an indoctrination of children to a federal agenda." It is a foundation in which lives are built upon, and Alabama is statistically lacking.

What does this mean for Alabama? It means that unless the special election is rocked into a more moderate route, we could potentially see one of the most Evangelical, unequipped politicians in recent years take the seat of Jeff Sessions. It speaks of dangers posed to education, marriage equality, and separation of church and state. Though projections say is following is weak, it would be unwise to count anyone out of this unbelievably bizarre race.

The best way to counteract ignorance is with education. Though the special election is careening towards Alabama's citizens, there is still ample time to become knowledgeable about candidates and their positions of pertinent issues. To be politically informed is to make your vote count. Let's hope to move on from Roy Moore.