Being the Girl That Wants to Work For Disney
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Being the Girl That Wants to Work For Disney

No dream is too impossible to make possible.

Being the Girl That Wants to Work For Disney

When I was three or four, I promised myself one thing:

When I grew up, I was going to be Mickey Mouse. I still remember the red colored crayon I used to scribble out my ineligible toddler writing.

Now, I have to laugh at myself because we all know that's a pretty adorable response from a little girl that doesn't even know how to tie her shoes. Anytime a child tells us what they wish to be when they grow up, we let them dream their little hearts out. And if this girl wanted to be Mickey Mouse, she certainly could be.

But as I got a few years older, I found out what life really warns you.

Dreams can fade. Dreams can change. Dreams can leave forever.

When I got in the second grade, I promised myself I would be a pop star.

High school told me that I would be a journalist.

Then I realized, I didn't want to have cameras flash in my face every time I made one sudden movement. I also realized that while I have a passion for writing, I did not have a passion for broadcasting daily events.

When I reached college, the world was officially mine. I had the total freedom to decide what I would do not only for the next day but for the rest of my life.

It's always dreadful deciding what you want to do in only a time span of four years.

Here I currently stand as a junior. I've made some of the greatest memories that my mind could absorb. I've also let toxicity make its way into memories that I may unfortunately never forget.

But despite my ever-changing ways, there are things about me that will never change:

1. I want to make others smile their biggest smiles possible.

2. I want to make every encounter I come across magical.

3. I want my imagination to make a difference in this world.

I started to think about the things that really interested me. Not just the things that I were good at, but the things that I could really see myself doing for eternity. The things that I could enjoy encountering every single day.

It took many heartbreaks to figure out just what I wanted to do. I had to let go of many potential dreams in order to find the perfect one.

I had to incorporate my three main missions into a career that shares the same goals. And that company is Disney.

I didn't even realize that I could have a future with Disney until freshman year of college when I took the stand to invest my life in working towards building a future with the company.

Disney has always been a huge part of my life. Whether it was because I felt forever young wearing Mickey ears in the Magic Kingdom or it was the millionth time I sang along with Ariel on a VHS tape, it was simply beautiful.

Disney has guided me to recall that there is magic all around us. It's in each of us. We all have the power to make this life like a giant gleaming castle that is always indestructible.

Something about Disney made me realize that this could be my life. My wondrous, youthful, joyful, remarkable life.

It's hard being the girl that always has her "head in the clouds" because she wants to work for a mouse.

But I've grown to realize that I would never have it any other way. And with a little trust and pixie dust, I know that I can be an "imagineer" of the future and work towards creating a world that seems impossible but is truly possible.

My love for Disney will never change. Despite what I may be going through in the current moment, I know that as soon as I remember Quasimodo hiding away from everyone or Simba proclaiming his victory roar after years of trouble, everything is meant to happen for a reason. We are all meant to have our moments of turmoil and our moments of triumph.

It's how we use these moments that will help shape the people that we are meant to be. And these moments have given me the abilities and experience that I need to earn my ears.

Someday, my dream will come true and I will wake up every day to sunny skies, smiles all around, and a sign that proclaims the promise that Walt Disney wanted for everyone:

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

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