Through most of my junior and senior years, I was considered the "mom friend." I took care of my friends and looked out for them through everything from break-ups to nail colors. The problem is, a mom is supposed to be there for emotional support and I am TERRIBLE at handling my own emotions, let alone helping others handle theirs.

Since going to college, making an entirely new group of friends and basically starting from scratch, I've gained my own mom friend. She's sweet and amazing and I don't know what I would do without her - but what does that mean for me? Well, I am the dad friend. I look out for you and pick you up when you've fallen, but if you need to cry about it, please do it somewhere else. If you do cry I'll probably just pat your back and awkwardly wait for it to stop.

So what's the point of a dad friend when you can have a mom friend that will be there for you emotionally? You see, we all need that person in our life that will tell us straight out that life goes on and that that boy was stupid anyway. As the dad friend, we won't hover over you or tell you what we think is best for you, making you feel guilty for your mistakes. Don't get me wrong, we'll give you advice and nudge you towards good choices just like a mom friend, but we'll watch you make bad choices and be there when you realize it was a mistake to help you get it back together. Plus, dad friends know how to fix things when you break them, put your TV stand together during move-in, or just do general "dad" tasks because let's be honest, they're the only one in your friend group with a toolkit.

With Father's Day coming up in a few weeks, remember to give love to the dad friend in your group - that spider in your dorm won't kill itself.