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Being Real Versus Being Rude

It's a fine line, don't cross it.

Being Real Versus Being Rude

During a recent car ride with my dad, he jokingly told me I was being rude.

With a smirk, I turned to my left and said, "Dad...I'm just being real." It was a lighthearted interaction but it made me think, what IS the difference between being real and just being plain rude? There's definitely a line, so, how do we know when we crossed it? How do we avoid crossing it?


Tone plays a huge role in language, and in this debate. Just think of the many ways one can phrase the same question or statement. Simply putting emphasis on a different word each time has the ability to drastically change the tone. The way in which words are said has the ability to define what is considered being rude and what is considered being real.

It's definitely easier said than done, but being aware of your tone when you speak can make all the difference.


The intent is another factor that is important to note when deciding what the "line" is in this debate. It is obvious when someone says something with malicious intent, and it is obvious when someone says something with your best interest at heart. Learn how to tell the difference.

If you're on the other side of things, make sure to think before you speak. What is the real reason you're saying this? Will hearing this really benefit the person? If it's not going to help them, it will probably just hurt them. If that's the case, is there really any reason to say anything at all?

This line between being real and being rude may be imaginary, but what's not imaginary are the consequences that come with crossing it.

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