9 Ways To Be Productive Over The Summer
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9 Productive Summer Ideas for College Kids

Because we don't want our brains to turn to mush in three months.

9 Productive Summer Ideas for College Kids

We all love a good lake day or spending some time catching rays, but there are plenty of things to do to help us work on our noggins while out from school!

1. Learn information for free

Spotify and Apple Music have thousands of podcasts. Many of them have an educational basis like "The Breakdown" by Shaun King. Scroll through the apps you're already paying for and give it a double shot at being worth the money.

But for an absolutely free option, iPhone has a free Podcast app. Spend your summer learning new things about the world around you.

2. The library

Local libraries are a no brainer for free resources. You can enrich your mind there through the books available, or you can make your time worthwhile and volunteer for any summer programs that may be going on.

3. Animals

Local animal shelters are a great place to donate your time to over a weekend!

4. Bake

Maybe you're not the best at the cooking or baking thing. Still, you can try! Look around in your kitchen for ingredients and simply google them! You'll find a recipe that you can make using things you already have.

5. Practice language 

There are so many online resources like Memrise and Duolingo that help people practice elements of a language. If you're taking a language in school, this can be a great review to keep some of that knowledge locked in!

6. Network

If you're a journalism major, go shadow a reporter for your local news paper.

If you're into sales, maybe see how the local boutique markets their clothing.

Overall, try to network and gain experience. This is valuable but completely free.

7. Gain some life skills

How many times have you heard someone complain about public school not teaching taxes, credit card usage, or how to buy a house? Although those adulty things may be ahead of you thanks to college, use your free time to learn as much as possible. Google some quick information, ask someone you know is good with money to explain it to you, or even get a credit card with a small credit line and learn as you go!

8. Watch documentaries

Even Netflix and Hulu are crawling with documentaries on everything from Hip-Hop Music to the 44th President. Why not binge something that may give you some great information every once in a while?

9. Take summer classes

This is something that crosses the minds of most college kids when told to use their summer productively. From intersessions on campus to online classes, there are many ways to earn more credits towards your degree!

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