Something I always had a problem with is the petty drama that seems to continue after high school. Where it should have stayed. Maybe it's because I don't care much for it or that I don't find it as entertaining as most people do. But it's getting a bit out of control now.

Just like this creator said in her article, we need to ditch this label that we are aspiring to be. From videos online to encouraging others to be petty for no reason at all, this trend is only doing harm.

Instead of cultivating friendships and making lasting connections, we are burning bridges because of something small that someone has said or done. And instead of confronting it head-on, we let ourselves be wrapped up in meaningless "arguments" or drama that could have been easily avoided.

I know that I have encouraged and have been encouraged to be petty at one point or another. I think that if someone is being petty towards you, then it might be okay. But instigating long and drawn out pointless drama is not needed. Besides, as adults, we don't really need to be like this, although some would argue that we do need to be petty. So why don't we grow up a little and leave this behind us.

I can't think of any situation where being petty is going to actually make things better for the situation. In fact, it might make it worst. Relationships go through enough change and by adding some petty drama there is a good chance that relationship is going to be completely changed at the end of it all.

Then there is the fact that because of the petty drama people begin taking sides and forming cliques. I don't know about you, but there is nothing fun about being excluded. In fact, it's really lonely and not that fun at all. And let's not forget any emotional or mental bullying that this person faces because someone decided that they didn't like a small action.

In the end, is being petty really worth it?