I Never Thought I Could Be A Leader, Odyssey Proved Me Wrong

I Never Thought I Could Be A Leader, Odyssey Proved Me Wrong

I thought to be a leader you had to be fearless, that you always had to have the answers.


I never thought I would be capable of leading a group of people. I always had this mental list of things I associated with leaders, and I honestly didn't think I had those skills.

I thought to be a leader you had to be fearless, that you always had to have the answers. In my head, leaders never messed up or made mistakes. They couldn't ask for help because they were the ones doing the leading, so if the leader didn't know something, how would everyone else?

Odyssey shattered that stereotype I had of leaders.

It showed me that real leadership doesn't know everything, real leadership is learning with those you are supposedly leading. Leadership is about helping others to the best of your ability, not a perfect one.

I started my Odyssey community in 2016, and we are coming up on our two year anniversary of being a community. We started with three writers, including myself. We've grown to be a top community over the past two years, but not because of my so-called perfect leadership.

We've gotten to where we are at now because I learned to ask for help where I needed it from my Content Strategist. I learned how to say "I really don't know what to do here." and be OK with it.

I've learned that telling my creators I need to check on that doesn't mean I don't know the answer but rather that I want to make sure I'm giving them the correct information.

I originally started with Odyssey as a creator nearly three years ago, and after two weeks I ended up in Odyssey leadership on my first community. To be honest, I didn't have a clue what I was doing and some of my edits were really, really, really bad. (like really bad).

But, as a leader, I can admit that. I can admit that the changes made to my articles after I was done with them made them better.

I can admit that three years later I still don't have every answer.

See, being a good leader is about learning how to learn from others around you. Whether that be people above you in the leadership chain or below you, you can learn something from all of them.

My creators have taught me more about leadership than I could have ever imagined. Having the chance to lead is really cool, especially when you realize what the real definition of leadership is.

So, no, I may not always have the perfect headline for you or the perfect article idea or know exactly how to solve that tech issue you're having, but I will find a way to help you get that perfect headline, article idea or solve that tech issue.

And, you know what? That's the type of leader I'd take any day.

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Yes, I Have Tattoos And Yes, I'm Going To Be A Teacher

A child will not learn less from me because I got a tattoo in remembrance of my grandmother.


Recently, while I was on vacation I was listening to a group of middle-aged women complaining about someone they know getting a tattoo. The conversation got me thinking about something someone said to me a few months before that about my tattoos.

"Oh... you have tattoos. Didn't you say you were going to be a teacher? Don't you think that you should consider something else?"

No. No, I do not think I should consider doing something else. I have wanted to be a teacher my entire life. I am wonderful with children. I work hard at learning all of the new advances that I need to learn in order to become a teacher. I am going to be good at my career. My career does not discriminate against me because of something so minuscule. Instead, it will allow me to show that I am more than just what you happen to see on the outside.

The fact that I have tattoos does not and will not have any input in any of that. A child will not learn less from me because I got a tattoo in remembrance of my grandmother. They are still going to learn how to write essays, and add fractions. They will still learn how to interact with their peers and how to treat each other the way they want to be treated. (Something you clearly missed) Tattoos are not bad just because you would not get one.

Tattoos are not something awful that defines me as an awful person. They are something that I did because I wanted to do. I like them. I think they are beautiful. I am sorry that you do not, but I am not any less of a person because of them.

I am going to change the lives of hundreds of students. I am going to become something great. I am going to do it all with my tattoos.

Cover Image Credit:

Alyssa Beebe

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Good Things Might Come To Those Who Wait, But Better Things Come To Those Who Go

Go after what you want in life or you will never have it.


I'm sure we've all heard the expression, "good things come to those who wait" by now, but I for one have to say that although I don't completely disagree with that statement, I can't say that it's the only plausible conclusion.

Of course, I think throughout life that good things do come to those who are patient, I think that greatness and big things can be obtained by those who work to reach them.

For instance, something as simple as applying for a part-time job is really a great example of what I mean by this.

For the longest time, I had had a difficult time finding a job that I was happy with for long periods of time as a part-time job while in college that has worked with my schedule. I would find a new job, work it for a couple of months, and then have some sort of issue come up. Instead of sticking with any of the jobs that I was slightly unhappy with, I decided that I had nothing to lose by looking elsewhere. It did take a few "trial" jobs, I guess you could call them, but I finally went in and applied at Kate

Spade a few months ago after a friend of mine told me that they were hiring, and I've honestly never been happier to work anywhere else. My coworkers are the best, my managers work so well with my schedule and create a happy environment, and for once, I actually ENJOY going to work for my shifts. I would've never even have had this job if I had stuck with any of my other jobs and not have bothered to look and ask around as to what else is out there.

Although that is a simple example, I have learned through cases like that, and of course, more serious ones, that you will most easily obtain greatness by working towards it. Nothing worth having will necessarily come to you that easy, but it will come to you with hard work and dedication.

So, next time you're unhappy with something or want a change, then make sure you are working towards the change you wish to see, and with time, you will see it with eventually realizing all that you did to get there really worked for you in the end.

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