Love surprises you. It doesn't arrive on your door step in a market package waiting to be opened. It comes even when it's uninvited. It doesn't knock on your door waiting for it to be opened, it simply walks in.

Love pulls you out onto the floor when you don't feel like dancing and takes the lead in a waltz that you'll feel like you've been dancing forever. It spins you around and keeps your feet on the ground when you get dizzy. Love keeps you grounded.

Love is kind. Love brings you chicken soup when you're sick, cuddles with you under the blankets and lets you watch chick flicks all day. Love surprises you with flowers and two bags of your favorite chocolate caramels on a rainy day just because. Love always cares.

Love is spontaneous. It takes you on adventures to new places. It drives the backroads with you just enjoying your company, enjoying the quiet moments. Love enjoys every moment.

Love keeps your most beautiful daydreams. It allows your mind wander to new places that make your heart soar. Love allows you to see the world with fresh eyes.

Love is like hitting green lights all the way home.

Love makes you feel brave. It makes you feel fearless in the face of adversity because there's peace in knowing that love is always there and love will never leave. Love instills courage.

Love inspires you to take risks because love itself is a risk.

Most of all, love is selfless. Love puts you first. Love lets you order your favorite appetizer when you're out to dinner. Love lets you control the remote even though you'll definitely put on chick flicks. Love gives you the fluffier blanket. Love drives when you don't feel like driving. Love surprises you with flowers for no reason at all.

Love writes you letter after letter even though you forgot to write back to the last one. Love keeps writing because the letters make you smile and make you feel special. Love calls you on the phone at night even though you always fall asleep three minutes in. Love calls the next night anyway, every single time.

Love isn't what I thought it was and my first love didn't end the way I thought it would.

A first love sets a flame in your heart that feels like it will burn forever, but one day, it might turn to a flicker. Sometimes it's blown out. Sometimes you have to let it die.

Learning to live without the person you loved is so hard. It takes courage and you see strength you never knew you had begin to rise up.

If the flame burns out, love remains the same. Love is still selfless; it's still brave. You just can't find love where you used to anymore, and that's okay.

Love will surprise you again. Love will walk in uninvited, so choose to let it in.