With the premiere of "Fuller House" on Netflix at the end of this week, everyone I know is counting down the days. If you are like me, you grew up with the Tanners. I am basically the fourth Tanner child (or so I think.) While I love them all, Michelle, the youngest child, is definitely my favorite. She is funny, cute, and tells it like it is. I always thought I had a deep connection to Michelle, but never knew she would be there for me during college though. After coming to college, I realized that Michelle is basically any college kid on any campus at some point in their life. Take it away, Michelle...

When you fail your exam.

(Sorry, Mom, I really did try.)

But somehow pass the next one (just barely.)

When someone asks you what you had for lunch.

Number one cause of freshman fifteen: dining hall ice cream

When you're running late to class.

When your professors say they are taking attendance tomorrow, but never do.

When you have tons of stuff to do, but decide to binge-watch Netflix instead.

When your friend asks you if you turned in your assignment (due in 10 minutes) that you forgot about.

When all you want to do is have a home-cooked meal and watch a movie with your mom.


But, when someone asks you if you miss home...

I have never looked back (sniff, sniff.)

Any night before an exam.

They never warned you at orientation about how many late nights would be spent studying.

When you get your long-awaited paycheck, tax return, deposit from your parents, etc.

(This feeling usually disappears in a day.)

When you want to do something, but everyone else has other plans.

I guess I will go get dinner by myself then.

When it is finally your birthday.

Birthdays become a big deal in college.

When your mom asks why you bought a dozen Insomnia Cookies at 1 a.m.

R.I.P. half my paycheck.

When an apartment complex calls you 1000 times to see if you're interested in leasing.

NO! I don't want to live there, STOP CALLING ME.

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (Except for nights out.)

Walking to class, especially.

When your friends transfer or graduate.

Do you not love me anymore?

When your school beats your rival team.

When you realize you made the right choice with your college decision.

Could you imagine being anywhere else?

And finally, when someone tells you to enjoy college, because it is some of the best years of your life.

Thanks, Michelle, for telling us the real truth about college!

Although Michelle will not be on the new spin-off, she will always be in our hearts. WE WILL MISS YOU!