Introverted and quiet people are doubly... They like to have time to be by themselves, and when they are with others, they can be quiet and may not add much to the conversation sometimes. However, they deserve good friends just like everyone else, and, even if they do not show it, crave human interaction just like everybody else that comes from having friends. Along with the normal characteristics such as honesty and loyalty, there are a few specific things that this type of person looks for in a friendship. I am glad I have been able to find these in my own friendships.

1. Don't talk over them

If they start to say something or are telling something don't talk over them and interrupt them. Because they do not say much, quiet people are often overlooked when they do try to speak. Letting them have their turn to speak makes them feel accepted and important.

2. Listen to what they have to say

If a quiet and introverted person is trying to tell you something, stop and listen. One of the most disheartening things to them is to see that you are not interested in what they have to say. Often, quiet people do not speak unless they feel what they have to say is important or worth telling you. If they feel that you are not listening to them, they will feel unimportant and overlooked and will retreat further into their shell.

3. Get them out of their comfort zone

Get them to do something that they would not normally do. When they do something that they usually would not, it can help them feel bolder and help them break through their shyness if they are shy. Get them to dance or sing karaoke. They may act like they can't or don't want to, but inside they will secretly love it and will be glad that you asked them to.

4. Ask them to hang out first

Sometimes introverted and quiet people don't ask others to hang out because they are afraid they will bother them or they grow complacent being by themselves. They may need a little nudge to get active again. Asking them to hang out is that nudge they need.

5. Accept them as they are

Quiet and introverted people are just like everyone else and want to be accepted as they are. Accept them just the way they are- their quirks, their silence sometimes, and their need for alone time- and they will be good and loyal friends.