It's officially post-Halloween so that means my Christmas season started on November 1st at 12:01 a.m. Needless to say, I love Christmas and if it was up to me I'd skip over Halloween entirely and just extend the Christmas season for a month.

Obviously, not everyone is such a Christmas enthusiast as I am. And that's okay. Who else would roll their eyes at me while I sing every word of the Pentatonxis Christmas album in October?

1. Santa is still your main man.

You might be 18, but there's still some part of you that loves him.

2. When someone tells you that Christmas season doesn't start until Thanksgiving.

Why should I wait for the happiest time of year to start?

3. When department stores start decorating in October.

The first sign Christmas is coming.

4. Any resemblance to Christmas makes you overjoyed.

Admit it, we've all wanted to do this.

5. When you see a bad "Santa" and it breaks your heart.

I grew up with the BEST Santa. He will forever be a part of my childhood Christmases.

6. Sometimes your Christmas plan can get a bit out of hand.

You might not get everything done, but a girl can try can't she?

7. Christmas music starts loud and early.

What do you mean, "October is too early for the Pentatonix's Christmas album?"

8. When people finally start to join in on your joy.

YES! Less judging, more joy!

9. When Christmas is over and you have to accept reality.

January is the worst.